Demi’s 5th Birthday

June 7th, 2014 by Trent

OK I am going to do some back dated posts…. Demi’s 5th birthday was lots of fun – many celebrations including a wonderful card-making party with her friends from school and some of last last year’s preschool. She got lots of great presents and was very happy!!!


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Tooth Fairy

August 4th, 2012 by Trent

Here is a quick summary of what has been happening in July:

Monday 2 July 2012 – School holidays a memorable day because Liam lost his first tooth!!!! He went to the Museum with Aunty Keren and Demi – had a wobbly tooth and after eating his sandwich he tooth (bottom front) was missing – he actually swallowed it!!

Liam got $2 from the tooth fairy that night, a letter the next day and the night after “scratch” from ice age – appeared on his bed!

He has just turned 5 yrs old and is the first boy in his class to loose a tooth! Very young!

School holidays – disney on ice, movies, messy spot, craft workshops, bowling, movies and plaster master.

Last weekend Trent took the kids to the art gallery and they went on a jet cat to circular quay. The all loved it! $2.50 public transport all day on Sunday and free entry to gallery – very good too!

Liam is basically not having day sleep on the weekends now (I guess we have done well) so we often do things with him while Demi sleeps. It also makes it that sometime we are relaxed now about it and let Demi not have a sleep either if our day works out that it will be too late to get home in time.

The kids have watched the 2012 London Olympics on the TV – saw the opening ceremony with Mr Bean and Mary Poppins perform and some sports – Liam loves the diving especially. They are learning flags, and countries at school too which has been great and soon mum will help out at an excursion to vaucluse house.

Demi’s favourite words are: awesome, what the heck, mann(sotuh afs), i need to tell you soemthing (copied Liam and drives us mad), ive got a great idea! She is back to stuttering again but it has been checked and it age appropriate.

Demi also had her first parent/teacher interview and they said she is going wonderfully! She got a new pair of “party” shoes that light up when you tape them for her good report card – well done!

We are trying hard to be good role models for the kids and healthy eating is a big issue. Liam and Demi try hard to eat their vegies etc and when they do they ask us to always “feel their muscles”.

Liam started Karate and we are proud of him going without any friends in the class. He loves wearing his outfit and it goes well with his current obsession of Ninjago (ninja lego). He says the word Ninjago 50 times a day and is driving us all mad. He is really into all his lego now. He has a big police station, cars, helicopters and ninjago spinners and helicopter.

Liam and Demi are huge lovers of craft, drawing, writing etc. (both are left handed too!) Liam writes a lot and he loves to write/spell short sentences and very happily asks us how to spell words that he can write down in made up books and pictures/cards. Liam is actually one of the BEST drawers in his case, the level of detail and love for drawing is amazing – his teachers are very impressed and proud of him.

He has also tried to type on the keyboard into a google search when looking for things to print. He gets very proud of himself when he discovers he can type an animals name and search for it and lots of pictures come up!

His Occupational Therapist also is so happy with is progress that she has said he can not stop seeing her weekly now!!!

Oma recently painted a surprise painting of the kids professional school photo – amazing resemblance!(see below)

I have been at full time work (Waverley Council) as a Communications Officer for nearly 5 months already and it is going very well, new staff turn arounds but all for the better, new boss, temp colleague and recruiting 2 new people. Enjoying the very busy and great variety – struggle sometimes with kids sick and school holidays etc

We have booked a farm stay holiday for 2 nights in October with the Watsons and Taubmans – very exciting!

Both kids are swimming very well – really happy with their progress.

FYI – I cant ever get sick of hearing things like – you are the best mummy in the whole world and can I please have a cuddle.

Demi’s very animated personality is gorgeous and she comes out with and does very cute things!!! Although Liam and Demi can fight all the time, they LOVE each other so much – beautiful to see. Demi’s teachers say she always looks out for Liam in the playground and has such a love respect for her big brother.

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