Week 29

March 29th, 2007 by Trent

Time Left:
77 Days
1,848 Hours
110,880 Hours
6,652,800 Seconds

Had another check up with the Doctor today and everything is good. We got to have another look at the baby on the ultrasound and also got to hear the babies heart beat again. Doctor also told us that the baby is lying in the correct position and all looking good. The best thing of all is that I recorded the heartbeat so we can listen to it again and play it back for our parents.

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Calm Birth Course

March 26th, 2007 by Trent

Calm Birth
On the weekend Simone and I went to a course in Bowral called Calm Birth. Initially I was a bit sceptical as to what exactly this was going to be, especially as Simone had first described it as Hypnobirthing. I had visions of going to some house in the mountains near Bowral and having some tree hugging hippie greet us at the door with the smell of incense all over the place. Well this could not be further from the truth. Peter Jackson that runs the Calm Birth course is a retired midwife with over 30 years experience and has created the Calm Birth course to help couples have as natural a birth as possible without the drugs and pain that are meant to be associated with childbirth.

There were seven couples in the weekend course and all from different backgrounds. One couple live in Bali and were planning a home birth. Another couple had met in Kenya and the husband was adjusting to a society where pregnancy is discussed so openly compared to his home country.

The course covered all of the aspects of child birth, and primarily concentrated on the fact that it is a natural process and a women’s body knows what to do. There was a lot of relaxation and breathing techniques as well as some massage techniques to do leading up to the birth and during labour itself. Along with the 2 day course, we were also given a booklet and CD as the practive leading up to the big event is most important! As Peter says “practive makes permanent”. We also learned of the advantages of a natural birth and how much more alert and receptive a baby is when born through a drug free birth. They feed almost straight away and form a much closer bind with their parents.

You can check out the course at www.calmbirth.com.au

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Dave and Nat’s Wedding

March 22nd, 2007 by Trent

Our really good friends Dave and Nat got married last weekend in Melbourne and I was in the bridal party. The same weekend there was the Formula One Grand Prix and Swimming championships – the city had a buzzing vibe!

Some pics of their big day below.

Dave and Ken

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Being Dad DVD

March 10th, 2007 by Trent

We got a great DVD that we had seen advertised. It is made by a bunch of guys to show the real ins and outs of becoming a father from the dad’s perspective. It’s very funny and has some great insights. It was a big eye opener for me.

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The first of many

March 1st, 2007 by Trent

This is the first post of what will be many post on our new family blog. We will try to put as many photos as possible up and even some videos of the baby when he/she is born.

If you like what you see then leave a comment and let us know.

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