Tis the season to be jolly…

December 27th, 2007 by Trent

Can’t believe 2008 will be here in a few days!!! What a year it has been!

Well I am excited to say that my FIRST TOOTH has definitely arrived and even a 2nd one right next to it is not far behind! Hard to spot in photos but you can definitely see it when I put on my big smile 🙂


Now that it is the holiday season there has been a lot of socialising for me and I am sure more to come! I have had lots of fun playing with family and friends over the last week. Aidan and his younger sister Chelsea were over the other day and I am looking forward to Chelsea’s first Birthday party very soon too.


I had my first Xmas lunch at my Booba Lena and Pappa George’s place.


As you can see I got into the Xmas spirit and wore my bon bon crown.


Yesterday I got to go swimming again with Cassia and this time her daddy and mine jumped in the pool with us. Daddy forgot my lunch but that was ok because I got to try a new fruit custard from Cassia which I loved and you know me and eating so far hasn’t been a huge success!

swimming-with-dad.jpg swimming-with-mum.jpg liam-and-cassia-very-happy.jpg

I spose this will be my last entry for 2007 so have a fantastic New Year’s Eve celebration (I will be asleep for the fireworks) and I will see you in 2008.

_dsc0069.jpg looks-like-a-girl.jpgliam-with-bib.jpg

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This time the water was cool (well actually very nice and warm!)

December 19th, 2007 by Trent

Yeah!!! I went swimming again this week with Cassia and this time I LOVED it! We decided to check out the spa part of the indoor pool and the water was like my bath.

I was also decked out in a cute swimming outfit (thanks Mum) so I looked like a pro. Check out the big smile on my face enjoying the water this time!


Had my 6 month check up and I have grown to a height of 71.5cm and I wont tell you my weight except I still have very cute chubby thighs! Mum and dad have also put me in a sleeping bag which I really like too with a little wrapping – so nearly there! On the food front, I quite like paw paw but still not the biggest fan of yoghurt.

Some exciting news is that one of my bottom teeth is starting to show so who knows maybe next time I write, I might be telling you about my first tooth!

I also have been told that everyday I have the BEST smiles so I thought I would pose with mum and I am also great at making funny faces too!


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Visiting Dad at work

December 19th, 2007 by Trent

On Monday I went on a train for the first time with mum to the city to go and visit Dad’s office and meet all his work mates.

It was a bit of an expedition tackling the city crowds especially so close to Xmas. It was great to meet everyone dad works with.

By the look on my face you can see I don’t think too much about public transport! It was a pretty old train with no air conditioning too!first-time-on-a-train.jpgat-the-office.jpg

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Guess what? I went swimming! Sort of…

December 13th, 2007 by Trent

My girlfriend Cassia offered me a swim date so I thought it would be fun! So for the first time I got into swimmer nappies and ventured into a pool! At first it was ok but when mum lowered me into the water it was nowhere near as warm as my bath at home! I wasn’t happy 🙁 At least Cassia enjoyed it and swam with her mum for a while. But that’s okay we will keep trying and I start swimming lessons at the end of January.


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6 months to my 1st birthday!

December 13th, 2007 by Trent

As you can see I am very excited about growing up and doing new things everyday! I am practicing hard on my blowing my raspberries and lots of other babble which my parents try and copy but I am much better at it!

On the food front, I am still not that keen on the whole idea (I love my milk too much!) but I have tried – sweet potato, pumpkin, avocado, yoghurt, mango, watermelon, carrot, apple, pear and banana! Mum gives me some water from a sippy cup which I love, even if it goes down my top.

I have fun eating the food with my fingers and i got a great milk moustache the other day!


At 6 months I can just sit on my own for a minute, do a few rolls (I think my own rolls are in the way!), babble a lot and I am nearly out of my wrap! Apart from the world around me, I am also discovering my feet.

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