Broccoli for a growing boy!

January 18th, 2008 by Trent


Well Mum decided it was time I started to eat my greens so I gave broccoli a shot – so far so good.

Tonight my Zada is going to babysit me for the first time while mum and dad go out to a Wedding. Zada and I are looking forward to the fun night!

I have also expanded my breakfast menu and I am now having some toast!


Apart from trying to eat my toes, my appetite has increased and I am eating more food which is great (I am now on 3 bottles a day). This week I have tried toast, broccoli, oranges, cheese and pasta. I hear some meat is next on the menu!


You can now see my top teeth are starting to come through so soon there will be more to chew with!

On Wednesday night I was able to hang out with my Aunty and Uncle from Melbourne as they are here for our cousins wedding too. I will also get to see them on the weekend before they fly back home.

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On a cover of a magazine!

January 16th, 2008 by Trent

time.jpg rolling.jpg people.jpg national-geo.jpg

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Passport, Parties and Pool

January 11th, 2008 by Trent

I have had fun cooling off in the big indoor pool and the backyard blow up pool! Cassia and I went for another great swim last weekend and hopefully I will be used to the water for the start of my swimming lessons at the end of the month.


Every week we visit my Oma for lunch and I am always full of laughs and ready to play. Oma and I have lots of fun playing together.



Today I got my first passport photo (mug shot!) that will last for 5 years. As if I am going to look the same as I am now at 7 months old up until I am 5 years old! It was also hard not to smile at the nice cameraman too. You may ask why do I need one? Well mum and dad just booked my first overseas holiday to Fiji for the end of February! Bulla Bulla here we come!


Dad bought me this cool new toy and love sucking all the coloured rings – soon I will be able to put it back together too.

I went to Chelsea’s 1st Birthday party and we got a great family photo (below). We bought her a Cabbage Patch kid – mum cant believe they are still around!


Mum took a photo of me in the highchair looking like a hungry happy boy but it was just for the camera as my appetite still hasn’t changed. I would rather be doing raspberries and play with my water bottle!


Dad is still obsessed with making me a cool dude so now I wear his sunglasses to look the part!


Have a great week and will write soon. Liam xxx

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Who do I look like?

January 3rd, 2008 by Trent


Cast your vote now!

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Happy 60th Oma!

January 3rd, 2008 by Trent

My Oma celebrated her 60th Birthday on the 1st January. It was a hot day and lots of yummy food.

I bought her this cool calendar that stars me in every month which she loves!


I got to have fun with my Aunty Hannah too – she is going to babysit me with Zada in a few weeks which I am looking forward too!


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