Bon Voyage!

February 21st, 2008 by Trent

We are about to head off to Fiji- my first overseas trip! I have been told the Fijian’s are very friendly and LOVE children so I am set 🙂

I think mum and dad might even have some romantic dinner nights without me and get a nice babysitter.

Meal time is always fun yet challenging for mum, and dad got a little over it and painted my face with yoghurt the other day! But I didn’t mind! img_4598.jpg

I am really into my finger food – it is so fun squashy up the food and trying to shove it in my mouth. finger-food.jpgmessy.jpg

I get to spend a lot of time with my Booba Lena who takes me for morning walks when mum goes to the gym. Her and Papa George are going on holidays to the USA next week. I will miss them lots but I am also looking forward to all the wonderful presents when they get back!!!booba-lena.jpg

Swimming is good fun and I found out that the swim school has put me into the intermediate class! No wonder everyone knew the songs and moves beforehand! I just started music classes where I get to play with drums and sing and dance to different music from around the world. I can also show off my new rhythm at home with my maraca.img_4607.jpg

I am now 74cm tall (I hope to get the tall gene from my Zada!). No crawling yet to report but I do tend to stand every now and then with the help of mum or dad (or dad’s feet!).walking-on-dads-feet.jpg

Well Bon Voyage and I look forward to telling you all about my adventures in Fiji. We are off for 7 nights so I will write soon after that.

Some poses for this week are:


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Old MacDonald

February 15th, 2008 by Trent

What a great song! I love to wait and see which animal mum or dad are going to come up with next and sing to me 🙂 The anticipation always makes me smile!

Talking of music – Dad made be even more Techno savvy when I watched Baby Einstein on his video ipod!!! (see the pic below) I think I will request dad to bring the ipod on the plane when we go to Fiji! How cool!


Mum was very kind to dad for his birthday and we bought him this t-shirt below – it reads – “I get my good looks from my Dad”. We all know luckily it is from my mum but it is nice to please dad every once in a while!!! Just kidding!


Thursdays are always reserved for my Oma. This week the weather showed us very little sunshine but it was out on our visit so I could have my lunch in the garden and watch the birds with Mum and Oma.



Thursday nights I get to have a chat to my Zada and he always makes me laugh – here I am smiling after Zada after he fed me dinner.


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8 months today!

February 6th, 2008 by Trent

Can you believe it is 4 months till my 1st Birthday! Crazy I know! Well I celebrated my 8 months with my first ever cold. The usual watery eyes, runny nose, cough. I am being a great trouper my parents tell me!

Last week I started saying “da da da da” and of course Dad was over the moon! It is my favourite chit chat at the moment 🙂

On Tuesday I went to my first swimming lesson which went very well. I am the youngest in the class. I am getting used to being under water and we sing songs and play games.

On Monday I started Gymbaroo with my girlfriend Cassia. Considering I had my cold I still had fun on the play equipment.


On the weekend I got to play with a few of my friends. Mum keeps telling me to stick up for myself when my friends snatch my toys….

Here is a photo of Jamie (10.5 months old) and me below.


Today I had a lovely lunch with Jasper (6.5 months) – you can see we are having a nice chat in our highchairs too.j-and-l.jpg

I also started a band called “Liam in the Kitchen” and I am the drummer as you can see…


I am soooo very into my feet at the moment, thumb sucking and my now 5 teeth are out there for the world to see!!! Until next time, see ya – Love Me xxx


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