Handsome Little Devil

March 20th, 2008 by Trent

Yes that is what people tell me without the devil part! mmmm and maybe not the little part either! Yesterday I dressed up as a devil (well I just wore devil ears and my denim overalls) for a Purim Party at Rachel and Jemima’s house. Jemima and Noa were dressed as princesses and Jasper and I were the devils so it worked out well 🙂

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Last Sunday I went to my friend Jamie’s 1st Birthday party! It was lots of fun seeing everyone and I played on his little bike and ball pool in their back yard.

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On Tuesday I had my swimming lesson and this week was dunked under the water at least 10 times!!! I did very well and mum was very proud. Next week is “test week” so wish me luck!

The weather this week has been great. We have had some fun play dates and have been to the park where I enjoys the swings.

Mum and I are enjoying the great outdoors and everyday she makes sure she gets my tickle spot on my thighs and it cracks me up every time.

This week I have also gone one step further and instead of saying “da da da” I now say “Dad Dad”!

Apart from the lamb chop I am lucky to get again this Friday night for dinner, my favourite food this week is rice cakes! I also decided to wear my devil ears hat for dinner last night for Zada!

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Lamp chops and Baked Beans

March 16th, 2008 by Trent

Well lots to catch up on since we have been back from Fiji!! Where do I start?!?!

On Thursday afternoon I went to the same hospital where I was born 9 months ago to visit our friend’s newborn baby girl Lexi. Weird to think we will be in the same year at school as I feel sooo much older! 🙂 We all wish Tali, Jeremy and brother Dylan lots of happy and healthy times ahead with their new baby girl.

lexi-and-liam.jpg This is a photo with me, mum, Lexi and her grandmother Anita.

We bought Lexi a cute pink sleeping bag for when she gets a little older and I loved the wrapping paper (even though it was pink!)


On Friday after music class I went to see Ilana and Cassia for lunch. We hadn’t see them for 2 weeks so it was nice to play together. We are also 2 weeks apart but I am a little bigger!


On Saturday we had a BBQ with some friends at our place and we played in the garden. It was great to see Daryl and Bonnie come all the way from Beijing! They brought along their nephew Josh (14 months) so I had a playmate!liam-and-josh-playing.jpg

Sunday was Mum and Dad’s 5 year wedding anniversary! They celebrated on Friday night when they went to the Sheraton on the Park and had a seafood buffet while Aunty Keren babysat me.

On Sunday we got professional photos taken in a studio of the three of us – but mainly me! Mum and dad got me naked for a few shots too, I wonder if I will regret it later on?!

The whole week we have had great weather! Like a real summer! On Monday I stood on the sand at Camp Cove with mum and dad.liam-and-mum-at-camp-cove.jpg

For this week we have been lucky to have dad around because he has one week off between jobs so we spent a lot of time together. Since we were away in Fiji, this week we had make up classes for the ones I missed out on and I got to do two swimming classes and two music classes. Dad joined us for two of them which was great!!!

Zada also was on holidays and saw me swimming twice this week!hula-dress.jpgzada-and-liam.jpg

My swimming teacher says showers are great to have instead of the bath to get used to the water so we are trying to have a few more. Mum lent me her shower cap but I don’t think that was the idea!


Monday after music class we met up with Ilana, Cassia, Andre (and Aunty Keren and Darren popped by) at Bondi Beach for a picnic and BBQ lunch. Aunty Keren makes these funny Donald Duck type sounds and it cracks me up!laughing-liam-with-aunty-keren.jpg

On Wednesday my Booba Lena and Papa George came back from America. It was so nice to see them! We went over on Friday night for dinner where I had my first Lamp Chop- Yummy!! We also got some great presents from America too! I got some cool toys from the Museum of Modern Art in New York, a New York Yankees Baseball cap (matching dad’s) and lots and lots of trendy clothes.


On Thursday after seeing my Oma, mum and I met Ariella, Chelsea and Aidan at Lyne Park and I went on the swings.

Last night I tried my new IKEA highchair which got the seal approval while I ate my first baked beans on toast!

Although I can’t say I am crawling, I am very flexible and like to eat my toes but even more fun is tickling my ears with my toes!

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Bula Bula!

March 3rd, 2008 by Trent

Just got back from my first overseas holiday to Fiji!!! I think my first word will be “Bula”!

We had a great time at the Westin hotel where we stayed for 7 nights. The Fijian’s LOVED me sooooooooooooooo much!!!!!

Every two seconds I was cuddled, squeezed, tickled, patted, talked to, smiled at….you name it! I made lots of nice Fijian friends. I was the talk of the town!fiji-friends2.jpgfiji-friends1.jpgfiji-friends.jpg

I was lucky to just fit in the bassinet on the plane (about 2cm more and I would have been too big!) and I managed to sleep an 1 hr there and 2 1/2 hrs back.

We had a great buffet breakfast every morning which for me consisted of porridge, fruit, vegemite on toast and sometimes pancakes!!family-shot-in-fiji.jpg

Lunch was by the pool after our swim in the warm sunshine. dad-and-me-at-the-pool.jpg

Every night a lovely Fijian lady called Aseri would babysit me while I slept in my fun port a cot.sleeping-bag.jpg

We checked out the beach and the water was so warm, just like my bath! Mum and I had a swing in the hammock and the weather apart from the first day was very beautiful and sunny everyday!mum-and-me-on-the-beach-smiling.jpghammock-with-mum.jpg

I had fun dancing to the local music (everyday at the pool there were 3 Fijian men singing and playing banjos and guitars) and I always laugh when dad dances with me (maybe because he cant! Just Kidding!). When I hear music I also like to bop up and down and smile!


It was a really relaxing holiday and we swam in the huge pool and lazed on the beach chairs in the shade.lazying-by-the-pool.jpg

I also tried to order room service when mum and dad weren’t looking but the man on the phone couldn’t understand my order!phone.jpg

Mum and Dad brought my favourite toys from home so I played with them a lot and also got to watch Baby Einstein on Dad’s Video ipod – very cool!


Dad thought it might be easier to pack me in the suitcase for the journey back home but luckily mum suggested otherwise!


It was a great holiday and would love to go back again when I am older – as they say BULA! BULA!

Here are some scenic shots we took 🙂


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