Boogie Man

June 27th, 2008 by Trent

BOOOOO!!!! Did I scare you?!!! I am not scarred because every night I wear my ‘Boogie Man’ top to bed!


It has been another great weekend of party’s because all my friends are turning 1! On Sunday I went to Shira’s 1st B’day party and then my girlfriend Cassia’s 1st B’day party. Her dad made an amazing cupcake cake! Currently I would have to say I don’t have a sweet tooth but I am sure things will change soon 🙂


It has been great waking up in the mornings (at the healthy time of 7 or 7:30am!) because I get to hang out with mum and dad in their bed watching my favourite show Dora the Explorer.

I can get very vocal and excited when watching the show 🙂

Me watching Dora and one second later…

before.jpg faces-of-liam-getting-excited.jpg

I love my bath and I get very excited before and after! Check out my cheeky photo – it’s not my fault dad took the pic before I had a chance to put my nappy on!


Mum bought me some cool Dunlop Volleys the other day so I look very sporty! I just need the tennis racket now!


We have had another great week of Play n Move, 2 days with Booba and Papa, play dates, swimming, visiting Oma and having dinner with Zada.


Here comes another weekend of Birthday Party’s!!! Yeah!!!! See you all soon xxx

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Teeth, Toys and Rosy Cheeks

June 19th, 2008 by Trent

On Saturday I went to Alexis’s 3rd Birthday Party! She got her face painted which looked great. Of course I got a nice goodbye from her too 🙂


We also went to Toys R Us and boy there was a HUGE sale! That always makes me smile 🙂 I got a very cool Bob the Builder car and an Activity Table too.



This week mum went back to work for the first time in 12 months!!!! So every Tuesday and Wednesday I am very lucky that Booba Lena and Papa George look after me.

They took me to the playground, fox markets and I got a great new pair of shoes at Westfield too!

Apart from boyish charms I am also known for my many teeth and rosy cheeks! Check out the pics below.


I have lots of fun visiting my Oma each week and we always have a great chat and sing along.


Well lots more birthday parties this weekend!! My girlfriend Cassia is turning 1yr on Saturday and we will celebrate together on Sunday.

I am still happy doing the bum shuffle and now I am into kissing the pictures in my books! Since turning 1, I now have cows milk (no more formula!) three times a day.

I got weighed and measured and I am 13kg and 81cm long! I am in the 95% category for this so hopefully I will end up taller than both mum and dad one day!

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Happy Birthday To Me!

June 12th, 2008 by Trent

One whole year has passed since I left mummy’s tummy!!! What a milestone!!

I had a great celebration with all my friends and family 🙂

The presents were GREAT! The cake mum made was GREAT! The party with musical entertainment was GREAT!


I love reading all my new books and playing with my new toys!!


The day after my party I got two more teeth!!!! My first molar and the bottom left tooth!!! Then yesterday I added ANOTHER molar! (so I have 10 teeth to the collection).

I was also very lucky to have my Aunty Mel come up from Melbourne to celebrate with me.


I wore my “Liam #1” top to my party – see below the cool pics!


Check out the great Birthday Invitation Aunty Keren put together for me:



On my birthday, mum and dad decided to ditch my existing pram and buy a new Phil and Ted’s Sport pram! I love it! And no one can miss me down the street in a bright “Apple Green” pram. I have been told by so many people how long I am so I don’t think it matters which pram I have, I will always look long and take up most of it already! Let’s hope I take after my Zada in the tall genes department 🙂


I was very brave this afternoon when I got my 12 month immunisations which consisted of three injections! Ouch! Next ones are in 6 months time – phew!

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I can always get the giggles when I visit Oma and play on her bed! Today I was laughing when mum tickled me with the pillow!


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2 days to the big No 1!

June 5th, 2008 by Trent

This Saturday I will be ONE! That means I fall into the “Toddler” age bracket – things will start to change!

On Sunday we are going to have a big party to celebrate my first birthday- I am so excited 🙂 So next week I will have lots to report!

The weather this week has been showers everyday! So unfortunately mum and I haven’t been out on our walks or visits to the playground.

On Sunday afternoon, I had lots of fun playing with Richard and Josie. josieliam-and-richard.jpg

Then Monday I went to Play n Move and saw Jamie there.jamie-and-liam-at-play-n-move.jpg

In the afternoon, Chelsea and Aidan came over to play and watch The Wiggles.

I saw Jasper and his mum at the shopping centre this week – I love to make Jasper laugh while our mums look for cute clothes for us! p6030115.JPG

Then we hung out again at my house and we watched a bit of Baby Einstein.


Everday mum and I have lots of fun singing and dancing to my favourite music – Go Seek! It always puts a smile on my face!

Dad and I have lots of cuddles when he reads to me at night 🙂

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A Picture of Me!

June 1st, 2008 by Trent

Yesterday I received a very special gift from my Oma.

It was an oil painting of me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My Oma copied a photograph I gave her of me playing (when I was about 7 1/2 months old) and she painted me exactly – taking about 4 months to paint!

Check this out – I LOVE IT! It is a perfect replica!

We just have to decide where to hang it up 🙂

omas-painting-of-me.jpg omas-painting-of-me-with-photo.jpg

I was also very happy to receive my first birthday present from Oma and Zada – a Fisher Price Play & Learn house! Lots of playtime! Thank you so much!!


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