18 months

December 20th, 2008 by Trent

I have been very busy since my last blog entry – where do I begin??!!!


At least I have lots of great pics to show you which will jog my memory 🙂

I recently got my 2nd haircut and I was pretty good in the car seat at the hairdresser.


Now that it is summer, Mum makes the best banana/fruit smoothies and she makes them for my friends too!


Last Sunday I turned 18 months old and I had a chicken pox vaccination to celebrate 🙁

I am 13.7kg and approx 85cm. I love walking now with my walker and especially one-handed with mum/dad’s help. You could say I walk a little like Charlie Chaplin – apparently my dad did too when he was a bub!

I am great at listening to instructions and love pointing at different pictures in my books. I know a lot of things when mum (or someone else) asks me like I will pick up and give mum the red boat in the bath, duck, toothbrush, fish, mirror etc

I am obsessed with waving at everything (apart from the obvious hello and goodbye) – I wave to birds, planes, buses, dogs etc

I also dance with LOTS of energy to Go Seek and bop along to lots of other music. I am still a MAJOR bookworm and mum borrows lots of great books from the library too.
Mum is feeling great with my younger sister’s pregnancy (can’t wait to be a brother!) and she is at the 6 month mark and feeling lots of movement in her tummy. Dad even feels it too! When mum/dad ask me ” Where is baby?” – I pat mummy’s belly and I kiss and poke her belly button too.

I LOVE looking at myself in mirrors – I smile, laugh and have great conversations with myself.


I also think I am a great help when it comes to hanging out the washing with mum 🙂


I just finished up a year at Bub’s Club and Dad and I will continue our Sunday classes together again next year in February.


The other weekend, we had dad’s work xmas party for kids at a lovely park in Mosman.


I have had lots of fun hanging out with my mates 🙂 Whether it is me being scared and cuddling up to Jasper when we watch Baby Einstein, getting a kiss from my girlfriend Cassia or pushing Sienna in my car – I have had a great time.


I love playing in my sandpit and also at the beach.


Mum and dad still tie me up at night time to my cot – check out the evidence – ONLY KIDDING!


Dad’s is off work from Wednesday for a week and we are getting ready to move me into my new cool room! (My current room will eventually be for my baby sister) – so stay tuned for some great pics! I am going to have an orange painted feature wall with planes/air balloons/clouds and helicopters!!! The current study will also become a playroom too 🙂 How lucky am I??!!!



The other night I got to hang out with my friend Alexis and we had fun playing together after dinner- we threw the ball to each other in the photo below.


I got very spoilt yesterday because mum and dad bought me a outdoor plastic house! I love opening and closing the windows and door- this is going to be sooo much fun!


I have said sooo much so I am a little tired – until next time 🙂


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