Happy New Year!

January 11th, 2009 by Trent

Welcome 2009! Lots of news to report since my last entry.

It has been Happy Holidays season and I have just turned 19 months old!! In approx 9 weeks I will meet my baby sister too!!! So exciting!

Dad had a week off work so we had lots of fun together everyday!


We celebrated New Year’s Eve at my Booba Lena and Pappa George’s house.


I also got to spend some time with my Aunty Mel and Uncle Jules from Melbourne. They were in Sydney over the New Year and they bought me a great jacket and jumper from their holiday in Hong Kong/Thailand. Aunty Mel is also pregnant and is due approximately 6 weeks after mum – so exciting! I will also have a cute new baby cousin to meet.


NEWS FLASH! I have started to take steps independently!!!!!!!! In the last week I have really picked up the walking idea – when I walk places I often giggle/scream and laugh with delight – it is a whole new world! I am getting in the groove of walking by myself and not just holding mum or dad’s finger.


I also have enjoyed feeding myself -this will get better as time goes on 🙂

I had fun watching my 2nd Go Seek show a few weeks ago and mum dressed me in a cool Go Seek t shirt too.

img_8623.JPG img_8624.JPG

The last few weeks I have been busy going to the beach, the pool, music classes, playgrounds, parks, play dates, birthday parties and visiting the library. We can borrow lots of books at the library too so mum’s gets news ones every few weeks to feed my book habit!


I had a bath with my girlfriend Cassia and I fed grapes to my friend Olivia – Ladies man I know!



I also start at child care (the play centre – mum calls it) in another week – we have gone to visit the centre twice now for a play which I have enjoyed. I know a lot of kids that go there too which is nice.

Mum and dad are preparing my new room – they have got a cool feature wall painted orange for me and we will decorate it with “UP, UP and Away!” things too! It works out well because I LOVE looking up at planes in the sky! I will also have a seperate play room too that was once the study. Can’t wait – I will post some finished pictures soon.

Now that summer has hit we have had some really hot days! In a couple of weeks time it will be daddy’s birthday! I have to think of something cool to get him 🙂

Although I don’t have a big vocabulary – I talk non-stop – soon people will understand what I am saying!

Hopefully by the next blog entry I will be walking all by myself!

Till next time – slip, slop and slap 🙂


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