2 days to go!!!

March 15th, 2009 by Trent


Yes that is the official countdown – 2 DAYS until I get to meet my baby sister! Can’t wait!
The Hospital bag is packed – my present to my baby sister is ready and apparently lots of presents from her to me are waiting for me too 🙂 At the moment I am getting over a cough (sorry mum) so hopefully I should be fit and well to meet my baby sister this week. I didn’t so swimming on saturday but got some TLC and got to watch Dora in mum and dad’s bed on saturday and sunday morning!


I am adding more words to my vocabulary everyday – some are – yucky, “babba” (booba), bubbles, out, more and I still say “yes” with a very cute lisp 🙂

I also like to show off my cool dancing/walking and turn around in circles and get a little dizzy!


Last Thursday Booba Lena joined mum and I at my music class which was lots of fun. I look forward to going with her this week when mum is in hospital.


I just managed to fall asleep as we pulled into our house after a fun morning! Apparently I look cute when I sleep too!

Can’t wait to tell you some wonderful news in MY NEXT BLOG ENTRY! xxx

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21 months today

March 10th, 2009 by Trent


Today is a special day – I am 21 months old, my great grandfather turned 90 years old and mum has 10 days to go until my baby sister enters the world!

Walking everywhere is my favourite pastime now 🙂 I am getting pretty good at it too! Mum recently bought me some cool shoes too which I love to wear.

Story time, playgroup, Adele’s action kids, swimming, music class, babycino’s, lots of parks visits and play centre (kindy) have definitely been keeping me busy the past week. I have also got to hang out with my Zada whilst he has been on holidays and I have enjoyed some lovely times the past week with my Oma, Booba Lena and Pappa George.

A nice change to my vocabulary has been the word “Yes” rather than “No” a lot of the time! I say “yes” with a cute lisp too.
I know a horse says “neigh” and I can say booba, baba/baby, papa, oma, zada, mama and dada of course.

Today we got a car capsule fitted next to my car seat so I can ride a long side my sister very soon hopefully! Mum and dad also read to me the “Spot brings home his baby sister” book so I understand that I will be a lucky like Spot soon and have a baby sister to play with 🙂

I checked out the new playground at Centennial Park the other day and fell in love with the bubbler! Some other kids kept turning on the water so I drank some, laughed and LOVED getting wet!img_9355.JPG


Finally, I must say a BIG Happy Wedding Anniversary to my parents for the 9th March – they celebrate 6 years of marriage!

I also went as “Diego” Dora’s cousin at my Kindy’s Purim Party – check out the pics 🙂


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