Big Bed

April 19th, 2009 by Trent

Well I am getting used to having DeDe (Demi) around even though I don’t see her that much! She is mainly sleeping most of the time! I have given her a few more kisses and cuddles. I like to touch her nose (very gently) and say nose and also her head. Check out the cute pics!


On Easter Sunday, mum and dad decided I can sleep in my big boy’s bed! No cot! I was very tired so I fell asleep pretty quickly. I have been such a good boy – in the morning I sit in the corner and wait for mum or dad to come and say good morning. At day care they now put me on the floor mat and no cot there either – the other day I slept 2 hours there! Better than the cot!

I had my last music class for the term on Thursday and Booba Lena and Papa George came with me. I really enjoyed it and I got a certificate of achievement too!

I am really into brushing my teeth and now I like to brush them in the mornings after breakfast and not just in the bath at night.


On Tuesday, dad took Demi to his old work and he showed her off to all his old work mates – of course they all LOVED her!
It has been great seeing all our family and friends welcome Demi into the world and mum found this great announcement card months ago when she was still pregnant! She reworded it and with the help of Aunty Keren it was recreated – check it out!!


I have had some lovely play dates and went to the Emanuel School playgroup. I am also really starting to enjoy arts and crafts and I make some great artworks at Playcentre and at home I am into playdo.



On Saturday, dad took me to the Surry Hills Festival, we had a great time! I saw an animal farm, bubbles, puppet show, musical show and did some colouring in.


We also recently visited my great grandfather (Pa) and he got to meet Demi for the first time 🙂


My Oma finished her four painting masterpiece for me and we have it up on my wall next to my change table – THANK YOU OMA I LOVE IT!


Demi just got weighed (5 weeks this coming Tuesday) and she weighs 4.3kg.



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Welcome Demi Julia Collins!!!

April 1st, 2009 by Trent


On the 17th March at 6:47pm Demi Julia Collins entered the world! Crying loudly, our beautiful healthy baby girl weighed 3.016kg and was 53cm long.


So the ultrasound scan was right -they originally said it looks like there is a 80% chance it is a girl! Some say she looks like her brother (of course a gorgeous girl version!). She has dark brown hair, her dad’s lips and cute chin dimple. She has her mum’s nose, ears and probably brown eyes soon too.


Demi gave Liam LOTS of great presents (Liam gave her a cute little duck) and he loved playing with the most noisiest one of course!


Big brother Liam was at first a little sceptical of his new baby sister but today he has given her LOTS of kisses!!! He smiles and laughs at her and everyday he gives her a kiss on her head – gently!

Mum and dad are thrilled along with her four grandparents of how beautiful their healthy baby girl is.


Demi seems to like her bath just like her brother. She has had a bath in hospital and one at home and seemed to relax well.

Liam is still in his routine if going to the library, child care, swimming, music and the park. Liam is saying more new words everyday it is hard to keep up with it all! His “language” can be quite hillarious! It is amazing to watch how much he understands. Liam got a haircut the other day and he was FANTASTIC! He sat still and didn’t say a peep the whole time – well done!

Demi has got some beautiful gifts and well wishes to welcome her into the world and we will celebrate with a baby party in a few weeks time too.

A lot of people ask where her name has come from and “Demi” was a name that Mum heard a few times and loved and “Julia” is Trent’s late grandmother’s name.

There are so many wonderful photos that we have taken over the last week but here is a highlight.




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