Demi at 2 months

May 18th, 2009 by Trent

Demi is growing into a beautiful girl!!!!
She got weighed this morning and was 5.3kg (approx 75th percentile) and 57cm long (50th percentile)!!!!!!!!!
She is currently wearing size 000 clothes but her legs are too long! Demi is becoming very alert and likes her playgym, bouncer and swing 🙂

Demi is also our sleeping beauty – she is currently feeding at 11pm (the dream feed) and waking at 7am – lets make this a regular habit Demi!!! She is very content and now we are waiting for lots of smiles!!! Stay tuned 🙂


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Liam and Demi at 7 weeks

May 14th, 2009 by Trent

Many people think Demi is a girl version of Liam and when you look at photos of both of them sleeping at approximately 7 weeks of age it is very true – Check this out!

img_1438.JPG Liam



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Happy Mother’s Day and Welcome cousin Max

May 10th, 2009 by Trent

Well a lot has happened in the last couple of weeks…..let’s see….

This morning we found out that my Aunty Mel and Uncle Jules had a baby boy – Max Aaron!!!! I am so exited that we have a nephew in Melbourne to play with and he is so close in age with Demi. Dad and I will go to Melbourne to meet him very soon.

Mum had a lovely 32nd birthday the other week and she went out for dinner with dad while Zada babysat. I will give her lots of kisses and cuddles for mother’s day tomorrow. I am also going to read “Spot loves his mum” book. Mum got a special necklace with 3 engraved circles – one with my name, one with Demi’s name and one with mum & dad’s name and on the back of each circle reads our date of birth and wedding date – very special!



From 5 weeks of age Demi has slept through the night – you go girl! Mum and dad dropped a feed and Demi does approx 11:15 to 6:30 -7:30am! I am very gentle with my baby sister and I love to give her kisses on her head. I am always forever saying “DeDe!”



I LOVE my bed and at night time after storytime I give Demi a kiss good night as she has her bottle and I walk to my room and go to sleep – very mature 🙂 I take my “Boots” doll (from Dora the explorer) and I cuddle up to it at night too.


I cant believe in 4 weeks time I will turn 2 yrs old! Mum has organised a cool Dora/Diego birthday party for me – sooo coool! I have been a Dora fan since I was 9 months old so this theme is very appropriate – check out this cool my birthday invitation.


The other day an animal farm came to my kindy. I was little scared at first but then I went and checked out the ducks, pigs, hammisters, cows, roosters and I even patted some lambs 🙂

I have started every Friday going to Jumping Jacks Play gym which has been fun – I go through tunnels, jump on the trampoline and climb on the equipment.

I still don’t have much of sweet tooth (which is rare I know) but I like eating cupcakes! I am also a little strange because I tend to eat the bottom half and leaving the best part – the icing! Weird!


Next entry will be all about me in Melbourne and meeting my new baby cousin! Till then – keep well xxx

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