July 11th, 2009 by Trent

Demi and Liam had their first bath together on Saturday night!!! It was sooo great to watch – Liam must of kissed ‘DeDe’ about 15 times! With a big ‘Mwaaah’ announcement every time too!



Demi also had her first ever shower on Friday night with mum which was very special. We decided to ditch the shower cap 🙂


Liam’s is constantly singing the ABC song – he sings ABCDEFG (close to that) over and over again! He is very enthusiastic about it and it is great to watch.

Demi is now enjoying checking out the world from the comfort of the bjorn carrier facing forward too and loves her teddy bear puppet and story read to her each day. This Friday 17th July she will be 4 months old!!! This means another lot of immunisations poor thing and some say solids too. I think we will wait a little longer on the solids at this stage. Will keep you posted.

This week, Liam’s favourite food is mini bagels and strawberry yoghurt of which he can say both. At the moment, he is into making great music with his piano, drum and guitar and really likes his new cash register of which he calls the plastic coins “monies”.


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July 2nd, 2009 by Trent


After every sleep Demi wakes up smiling! It is gorgeous! Her smiles are the BEST! She is 3 1/2 months old, getting the chubbiest cheeks and thighs and she is in her new bath seat in the big bath now.

As Liam just turned 2yrs old it is birthday season and he says there are 3 things at birthday parties – “bawoons”, “cupcakes” and “Hip Hip Horray!”At the moment Liam loves playdo, playing his guitar, drawing, making tea/toast, singing and going to the park. This week’s winter weather has been fantastic – “sunny days” as Liam would say! Everytime we leave the house he thinks we are going to the park. I guess he is right becuase most days we get to a park and the swings are back as being his number one favourite too.


The teachers say he is having a great time a kindy. He loves painting, singing songs, the home corner, reading books and dressing up.

It was great to see Demi and Liam together on the play mat the other day – Liam was having a good chat to mum about his morning and Demi was laughing and listening.


Liam’s favourite saying is “Ta Mummy”. He does have some funny words too such as Moilet (toilet), Simmy (smoothie) and Nutoe for playdo – apart from these odd pronounciations he generally says words quite well.

We got a great family photo the other day – check it out…


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