Miam and Deedee

August 29th, 2009 by Trent


If you ask Liam “what is your name?” his answer is “Miam” – very cute – he cant pronounce the L at the moment. Liam can say mum’s name is Sim and Dad’s name is Trent as well. Of course Demi is “Deedee!!!”.

“Home Sweet Home”, “Excuse me”, “Daddy working” are some of the cute words Liam says each day.


Liam is still obsessed with books and will tell you which ones he wants to read – some books he can read over and over again and then likes to recite them. He tends to get favourites very quickly from the library that we read all the time.

Singing LOTS of songs, going to the supermarket and seaplanes are Liam’s favourite’s this month. He now demands not one but two babycino’s when we are at a cafe – maybe time to change to another drink!


It is also so nice to see Liam settling into his toddler room – and finally the other week there was no crying at all (even though the crying was for show and down to about 20 secs!). One day he even said “Bye Mummy” as he started to draw with his friend! He is very happy talking about Kindy and his mates – Tommy is a boy he mentions often.

Liam loved watering the garden with dad last Sunday..


News flash – Demi has officially started solids!!! On Thursday we gave her a try of rice cereal but she wasn’t sure what was going on! At least she looked very cute trying to work out what was in her mouth. Stay tuned as to how she develops with her eating.


We have put Liam in the “Big Boy” chair (portable highchair strapped to our dining chair) so eventually Demi can permanently eat in his very LOVED highchair…lets hope the plan works.

Demi’s chuckle is fabulous!!! As her Aunty said she is getting prettier every day 🙂 She is like a little doll – very placid and content. She enjoys going on walks in the pram (happy sitting in the back with her brother up front) to the shops or to drop off her brother at kindy.



She has also started to get 3 small books read to her after her bottle and Liam likes to announce the pictures we read too.

Check out the new Sherrif in town…


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Meeting Max and more

August 5th, 2009 by Trent


The last few days we have spent meeting our cousin Max from Melbourne. His mum Aunty Melissa came to Sydney to introduce 3 month old Max to his family and friends. He is very cute! We got some great pics – Liam looks a giant sitting in between Max and Demi.



Demi is 4 ½ months old and is blowing lots raspberries and making great conversation (“aah” all the time). Her giggles and smiles are brilliant too. She is a very happy girl, a great sleeper and loves going for walks in the pram.


She graduated to the cot (Thursday 24th July) and is doing well. She now weighs 6.5kg and is approx 65 cm long! Her weight puts her in the 50% percentile for her age and her height is in the 95% – hopefully a tall girl but not too tall!


Demi on the big brother video cam!

Liam got his 2yr check up (I know 2 months late) and he is approx 16 kg (wearing winter clothes) and 90cm tall. There is a height predicator that has a methodology of doubling your child’s height at 2 yrs of age. So Liam might be 180cm??!!! Only time will tell…

The other day we went to visit great grandfather Pa and Liam had fun playing with his truck while Demi got fed and had a nice cuddle with Pa. Liam also loves to listen to Pa play his mouth organ – Pa played Twinkle Twinkle Little Star – a favourite!


It is so cute listening to Liam singing songs (old McDonald, row row your boat, ABC, open shut them, Ferare Charca) in his own special way! He likes to say “Oh No!” with lots of drama when there is an accident or he specifically drops something!! He also says “Oooooh!” when he sees something he likes with lots of enthusiasm.


Dad has taught him the word “Ouchie” – for when he has hurt himself – let’s hope he doesn’t say it too many times!! The other day he said to Dad I have an ouchie and dad asked where and he pointed to all over his body and smiled …mmmmm…

Liam’s counting (now very good 1-10) has now become a Spanish thing too –he counts 1-5 in Spanish thanks to his FAVOURITE show Dora! Avocado on toast is his N1 morning demand for breakfast lately.


Liam also likes to tell you when he is ready to go home and will say “home” at odd times when he has had enough! The other morning Liam went with Mum to the supermarket and was happy to buy the weekly groceries – now his favourite word that he says randomly everyday is “supermarket”!!!

We have just started music classes again every Monday morning – we especially love the sticks and drums. He likes to sing some of the songs he has learnt around the house too.


Liam is a good helper bringing the “Dede’s” bottle into the kitchen every morning and it is very sweet with his sister. He doesn’t say much about her but he always acknowledges her and is happy to give her a kiss (well most of the time!).



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