Father’s Day

September 18th, 2009 by Trent

We had a lovely father’s day celebrated with both grandfathers.


 Liam wore his “My Dad Rocks” T-shirt and Demi wore “Who is yoUr daddy?” top.img_1960.JPGimg_1871.JPG

Liam now enjoys a sleep over at Booba and Pappa’s (“he is an angel” – are the words they say) and he likes to have a “BIG Dinner” and sleep with a “Doona”.
The flowers are blooming in our front garden and in the back we have a bird’s nest with a mummy bird and her babies which Liam likes to talk about it.
Liam has also started a tradition that his dad used to do as a kid which is “painting” the fence. Basically a bucket with water and a big paintbrush and Liam likes to paint and sing.

Speaking of singing Liam always says “mummy singing” – and loves Go Seek songs. Apart from Go Seek, his favourite songs at the moment are Old McDonald, 5 more mins (a kindy pack away song) Skip to my Lou, ABC (getting better at this one), 3 blind mice, Wheels on the bus and lots more!

When you ask Liam about kindy he says two things – 1) 5 more minutes, pack away and 2) Tommy.
He now always says “Bye Mummy – Pick up from kindy” and blows me a kiss on drop offs in the morning – he is very happy to go which is great!

Every morning Liam makes his bed (sheets change from Thomas to Diego every week) and he puts his – Diego Doll, Zippy the Zebra, Boots the monkey from Dora and Dinosaur (he got from his Aunty)on his pillow. Then he puts his Dora photo frame of photo of “me” on his side table.

Currently, Liam lives on water(alot), homemade smoothes (fruit and yoghurt) and babycino’s from the “coffee shop”. He doesn’t like juice and never asks for it which is great – but who knows one day!

The amount of new words and short sentences Liam is saying is great and he says some very cute things – he learnt to say “get well” to his kindy teacher and gave her a box of chocolates before she had a small surgery and he says “twitter” all the time as daddies “work”. He says “eat more” when he is still hungry.

His two loves that he demands every day are the Park and Dora.
We saw the kite festival at Bondi beach last weekend and Liam loved watching the different kites but he associates the beach with his Monday morning music class and kept asking for that!

Demi is our 6 month princess!!!! She is very content and watches her big brother scream, splash in the bath and play loudly. She takes everything so well – the other day we decided to take off her 2 wraps that she has slept with for the last 6 months and put her in a sleeping bag and she slept like that for 12hrs straight.

Although Liam doesn’t interact that much with his sister he LOVES playing in her room when she is on her play gym and always says “See DeeDee” and enjoys having her in the bath with him.

Demi hasn’t taken solids well as she still has a very strong tongue reflex and pushing the tongue out when the spoon tries to come in! Then when she finally gets something in her mouth she gags so we will wait a bit longer and try again.
The other day Demi wore my first baby dress that my mum kept for me which was approximately -32 yrs old!! Very Special!

After Demi’s bottle she gets to read some picture books and Liam often likes to read with her in the mornings.
So at 6 months, Demi has started to be interested and touch her toes, says “aaah” talking sounds, enjoys eating rusks and likes to play in the exasaucer. She also rolled a week ago at the same time as her brother did too when he was her age.


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