Oma’s Paintings

October 19th, 2009 by Trent

Liam and Demi’s rooms are decorated with Oma’s wonderful paintings. The other night Oma showcased 14 of her paintings at the Montefiore home.

Read the official press release and enjoy the pics below:

15 October 2009

Media Release

Montefiore Resident Artist showcases her talents in exhibition

Montefiore Hunters Hill campus held a very special exhibition last night for one their Residents Marion Havin.

Guests sipped champagne and enjoyed looking at her excellent paintings. Marion has 14 paintings on display at Montefiore Home Hunters Hill. She has nurtured her artistic talent since she came to live at Montefiore four years ago and staff members at the Monte were delighted to be able to assist in showcasing her talent.

Looking at her amazing artworks it is hard to believe she was not an artist before she came to the Monte.

The Artist Statement (on the wall of the exhibition) reads:

“I never thought I could paint until I came here. I have been at the Montefiore home for four years and this exhibition shows the paintings I have done during this time. As you can see I enjoy painting and I come to the art group as much as I possibly can. Painting takes me to another place.”

Marion is part of an art group which meets several times a week at Montefiore to develop their talents and have fun and enjoyment working on art.

Hunters Hill Art Therapist Lea Dalgleish works with the art group, which is consists of numerous Residents at the Home.

“The Art Group is a space where people from all over the Home come together in the one group,” says Lea, a fully qualified Art Therapist and practising artist, who runs the group three mornings a week. “It gives Residents the opportunity to engage in meaningful, productive activity together with others of a like mind.”

Her daughter Simone was amongst the family members attending and clearly proud of her mother’s achievements.
“Marion has also had lots of joy decorating for her grandchildren’s room with her paintings,” she said. “She has created 8 fun colourful paintings that brighten up Demi and Liam’s rooms.
One of the most talked about paintings was her grandson’s portrait that she did of him at 9 months of age and she plans to paint her granddaughter’s portrait in a few months time too.”

Montefiore has also created unique gift cards from photographs of her paintings and of other Residents. These artworks can be viewed at the Montefiore Annual fete on November 1st at the Hunters Hill campus.

The Art Group is just one of many activities at the Montefiore Home which supports or person centred care model and enhances quality of life for our Residents.



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