Growing up

November 7th, 2009 by Trent

Well a lot has happened since my last entry….

We recently celebrated our cousin Tal’s Bar Mitzvah and we got to spend some more time with cousin Max from Melbourne.img_2572.JPG

Liam got a train table (a great deal we found on ebay) that he LOVES!!!! Some of the trains are motorised so he loves to watch them go around on the tracks for ages!img_2205.JPG

Liam’s vocab is growing at a rapid rate everyday and he has lots of wonderful sentences too. He is like to also copy everything you say- repeating nicknames like “Hi gorgeous boy” or “cooks” or “boobsie”. A lot of people comment on his good speech at his 2 yr old age which is lovely to hear. Some letters he can’t say are “V” – so TV is ‘TB’, seven is ‘seben’ or his friend Zevi is ‘Zebi’. Also “f” is hard for him to say so fish and fish fingers sound a little different. When I say to Liam you are a “lucky boy” he says yes I am a “Yucky boy”. There is also a very cute lisp that he has on some words. When you ask Liam “Where do u live?” he says our full address including suburb and he can say his full name too!

Our bookworm knows the title to all his library books that he LOVES to read each day (more library trips to come) – we have said pick 7 books before bed and so far that number has been JUST satisfying J


Liam loves playing in Demi’s room – and asks that she plays on her play mat and he like to brings in his trucks, play on the little couch and asks to listen to Dora music and we play together very happily.

In the October schools holidays Liam went swimming at Platypus Swim School in Rose Bay. He had private lessons (30 mins with another child) – no mum or dad getting in the water this time! It worked out well (there was a Dora doll and some colourful dolphins toys) and Liam was very proud of himself. He now asks for his swim teacher – shame we can’t get a permanent spot until next year.


Love the sweet, innocent stage he is at because only for a short amount of time can we get away with saying – “It’s not Dora or Baby Einstein time on mummy’s watch” and “the park is closed”.

Liam breaks out of the blue into very cute singing and actions all the time – a ram sam sam, wheels on the bus , crabs and seashells, galloop when the little green frog are all hits at the moment!

He also sings “everybody pack away…” anf “5 more minutes” that he has learnt from kindy everyday.

Liam loves to give cuddles to all his friends and can’t stop talking about his teachers and friends at kindy.

Now that summer is around the corner, we got new sandals and sneakers – ready for our growing feet (now size 8).

He is really into Thomas trains, cars/ cement mixer/trucks etc but he is still obsessed with his blue Bob The Builder ride on car that he brings with him everywhere he plays around the house. The other day we enjoyed a tea Party with Diego and puppy and sang “happy birthday” and we also have had lots of fun when mum made a cubbyhouse (dad likes to say Fort).


Demi is now 7 months! She has a great giggle and always wakes up happy! A fantastic gummy smile (waiting for some teeth) and is a very contented gorgeous girl. She is approx 8.5kg and at her 6 month shots she was 67.5cm in height and 44cm in head circumference ( 75% for w and h).

Everyone comments on how she looks like a doll and has beautiful porcelain skin. Her hair is growing and we have started to put a clip in it occasionally – and soon she can have a little waterfall – now Demi’s hair grows into a cute Mohawk! You can also start to see waves that will hopefully turn into cute curls.


About 6 weeks ago Demi and mum were lucky enough to get a professional photo (very similar to the one her brother had when he was 9 months) – check it out..


Demi ‘s really enjoying her solids now –three times a day –she also likes toast and grated cheese. She has eaten wheat bix, watermelon and rockmelon. Mum’s homemade meat/chicken and vegies are a hit! She is on 2 sleeps a day now (approx 9:30-10:30 and 1:30-3). The afternoon sleep works out well as she sleeps when Liam does and they are up for the rest of the afternoon till 7pm together. Bath time has been with the two kids for a long time and Demi loves to sit in her chair in bath and be entertained by her brother.


Demi is sitting independently for short periods at a time – i.e. approx 5-10mins and she shows us a huge smile of excitement seeing a whole new world.


Demi is sooo happy when Liam interacts with her, a kiss, cuddle, song etc – she smiles and lights up all the time!


It is amazing to see Demi grow so quickly – slowly her “00” clothes are getting too small.


I think that is a good update for now! Ciao x


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