Happy New Year – 2010!

January 30th, 2010 by Trent

Today’s date is Saturday the 30th January 2010! Which means Happy Birthday daddy! Liam painted a beautiful painting for dad’s birthday card.

As it has been so long since the last entry, I thought I would summarise in bullet points some things that have been happening in the last few months with Demi and Liam (and bit of mum and dad too!).

Notes on Liam: 

  • For the last few months we are going through a “Mummy” stage! So it can be a little challenging at times….will leave it at that! For chanukah Liam (and Demi) got a 10 ft trampoline and water table. They are a huge it!!!
  • Just started to really like Spiderman (not sure where this has come from) – Mum bought a Spiderman tshirt and he wore it a kindy and couldnt stop talking about it the whole day! Liam says to us pointing to himself “Me Spiderman”.
  • Liam likes to give Demi her bottle (puts it in her mouth) and he likes to make her laugh and they hold hands in the car. Liam can make Demi laugh at the drop of a hat!
  • Since Demi was born Liam didnt called her Demi but “DiDi” – a friend asked us why and we said that is what he has always called her. To our amazement she told us that “Didi” means “sister” in Indian! Check it out in Wikipedia –http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Didi

  • About 4 months ago Liam had a haircut without a problem but in the last few weeks we have tried 3 different hairdressers and there has been no chance – crying and screaming is what we get!

  • In desperation, mum said “why dont we get a buzz buzz” and with dad demonstrating we basically shaved Liam’s hair using Dad’s clipers on Booba and Pappa’s balcony on Australia day. It worked and hopefully for many more cuts – cheaper and easier! Well done dad!

  • Liam loves to put gel in his hair so we look handsome 🙂

  • Liam is showing he is a protective brother at kindy when mum and demi drop him off his buddys want to touch and play with demi and he gets a bit upset…back off! All his teachers at kindy love Liam and say how well behaved he is and what a lovely nature he has. He enjoys going to kindy 3 days a week. Next year it will be preschool! Stay tuned….

  • Our favourite songs are ten green bottles, open shut them, songs from enstienz music (the music classes he loves to go to), Dora music, Go Seek (of course) and always loves to sing old macdonald.

  • Still loves soggy cereal for breakfast everyday (made up name for wheet bix), started eating scrambled eggs (still no fruit only in smoothies), smoothie blocks (doesnt like icecream but will eat the smoothie frozen), bumba, bagels (still!) schnitzel and fish fingers are still a constant winner.

  • His talking is getting better everyday and such fun to hear some words and catch prases. He says “mummy cuddle” out of the blue, loves to say “that’s silly” and he remembers everything you tell him once. Although he can parrot a lot of what you say he also makes statements like “that is not a Zebra that’s a Zebra” (American vs English pronunciation).

  • Still into having his Bob the Builder car when he plays and loves going to the library to stock up on new library books every 2 weeks. We say we choose 5 books to read at night before bed but it really has to be at least 10+!

  • Liam is still showing left handed tendancies – painting, drawing, eating etc.


Notes on Demi:

  • 10 1/2 months – Demi has such a beautiful nature – smiling ALL the time, giggling with her brother and very, very, happy. She is very placid and can play by herself or come along with Liam and mummy with little fuss.


  • Demi sleeps once in the morning (9:30) for 1-2 hrs and 2pm for 1-2 hrs, and then 7pm for approx 11-13 hrs.
  • Demi has had first time for swimming and going to the beach a few months back. Still isnt sure about the sand that she feels but seems to have fun playing with it.
  • She also had the first time on a swing and big brother Liam pushed her very nicely. She has been a few times on the swing now and loves it of course – still Liam’s favourite at the playground.
  • In the last few weeks she has become aware of strangers/seperation anxiety so when someone else holds her she gives mum a sad look and cries whereas before anyone could hold her with no problems.
  • Still not crawling (it is predicted she will be like her brother happily sitting till 14 months!) but rolling back to front in the cot and on the floor. She stretchs and moves to things to show that is might move a bit more but nothing as yet…
  • From approx 9 1/2 months we started to get teeth – first the two bottom front teeeth and now three top teeth have made a small appearance.
  • Demi loves to do fish style lips and has started to “talk” so you can hear what her voice will sound like. She has also said “mama” and “dada” but has stopped it for a little while – there are new things to practice! Her hair is growing with some very cute curls – she got a new summer hat the other day -dad took a photo on the web cam.


  • They kids love watching Baby Eisntein shows together (of course Liam dictates which one) and they sit nicely on their couches and are very well behaved.
  • During summer’s hot days we have had fun in the blow up pool too.
  • Demi got some professional photos taken like Liam had at a similar age – very nice ! We will frame the three best pics and hang them near Liam’s shortly.

Mum and Dad are busy working for their clients, Mum marketing for 3 clients and Dad building his Market Research/Panel Recruitment business. Dad will start working from a shared office in William Street soon too. Mum will soon start planning Demi’s 1st bday party!

Till next time….xxx

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