Superman, Spiderman and Batman

February 23rd, 2010 by Trent

Mum decided to get some red material from Spotlight the other day and created a superman cape which Liam loves  – he runs around the house singing “Superman, Superman!”. The other night he called from his room at 10pm (after being in bed since 7pm) “Mum – my superman cape please!”

At the moment Liam talks about Batman, Superman and Spiderman! Liam loves whales, sharks, dinosaurs, trains and cars… I wonder what theme we can do for his 3rd b’day party?!?!?

He walks to Kindy (3 streets away) and loves to push Demi in the pram who comes in the mornings for the ride.

Last sunday Liam and daddy did some gardening together – they sweeped the leaves and did some hosing – looks like a nice sunday afternoon tradition.


Liam also LOVES going to the Aldi supermarket with dad every weekend “to buy lots of things”. He is a great helper and names lots of the groceries.

Singing all the time his new songs for the week are: when all the cows are sleeping, 3 cheeky monkeys, ring a ring a rosie….

Dem’s 1st Birthday Invitations have been sent out (still hard to believe) and mum will make a 1st bday cake and lots of yummy food!

Demi enjoys her Play n Move class with mum every wednesday and loves the stories, music, rainbow snake and parachute.

Everyday Demi looks like she is about to crawl – she is soooo close yet sooooo far – if she is anything like her brother we are quite a few months off!

Demi has nearly 4 top and 2 bottom teeth and her hair is growing so quickly (falls in eyes all the time) and she has beautiful chocolate brown curls 🙂

Her 11month weigh was 9.92kg – havent measured her for months – will do so at the 12 month clinic check up. She is also like her brother was and masters drinking her 210 ml bottle of milk in less than 5 mins (3 times a day)!!!!!!!!

Her professional photos are now framed and are on the wall nex to Liam’s same ones when he was 9 months old- Liam loves talking about them everyday!

Apart from some pushing and shoving – Liam LOVES his sister – gives her goodnight kisses and hugs every night.

We all went for a swim at our next door neighbours the other day in a wonderful salt water pool oasis and mum and dad said they felt like they were on holidays!

Soon it will be mum and dad’s 7 year wedding anniversary -and then Demi’s 1st Birthday – lots more exciting things ahead.


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