My Aldi Boys

April 12th, 2010 by Trent

Every Saturday morning for a very long time- Liam and Daddy go to Aldi to do our weekly grocery shopping. Liam LOVES this traditional outing, he talks about it a lot and loves telling people about it.
I guess he loves playing his “shopping list” game so it makes sense!
He helps daddy make the shopping list and “they buy lots of things” and then “pack the car” and bring it home so it can all go “in the pantry and fridge” according to Liam’s stories.
He tells us we need to buy chips (of course!), rice crackers, eggs, milk, bread, bannas, lemonade for Zada, nappies and lots more.
He loves putting the groceries in the trolley and helping and watching the man/woman scan the items. All in all he is a great helper for daddy 🙂
If Trent looks at buying some odd specials Liam will tell him we dont need it 🙂 This could be a good thing or a bad thing!


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Happy 1st Birthday Demi!

April 6th, 2010 by Trent


WOW where has a year gone?!?!??!

Our beautiful baby girl is a 1 yr old! We celebrated with a great party with lots of family and friends. We hired a hall, had great entertainment and a No 1 pink birthday cake. Demi looked devine! She wore a pink tutu and her hair was up in a bow.

Demi got lovely presents – great toys, tea set, clothes, books, wooden birthday cake, Coat hanger, fisher price baby and pram, puzzles and more. Liam even got a trike from Booba and Pappa and Oma and Zada got him a dinosaur game. Only problem is that Liam is having difficulty sharing all of Demi’s new toys with her!!! This is going to be interesting…

Over a week before Demi’s party she was very sick and so was her brother. Liam got a virus (temp, running nose, BAD cough, loss of appetite etc) and gave it to Demi too! She got so bad that she couldn’t eat or drink for days because her throat got soooo sore poor thing. If she did get anything down she would cough it back up! So she was sent to Hospital to be put on a drip for dehydration but after monitoring her for 5 hrs and giving her a antiseptic for her throat she was able to eat a little and had thankfully was a drip wasn’t needed. It was a VERY slow process to get any food/drink into her and anything would do! Eventually after 5 dr’s visits later for the kids they were both put on antibiotics which did very little. Liam also got a chest x ray to rule out bronchitis and pneumonia which showed all was clear. We were very close to cancelling Demi’s party but they were given the go ahead by the dr that they werent contagious and should be good on the day and considering what they were like they did very well!!!

The next day after Demi’s party Liam was good, went back to Kindy, but Demi caught Gastro! So for 3 days she wasn’t good at all!!! What bad Luck!

We got our 1 yr check up at the clinic the other day and Demi is doing great.

Her stats are:
78 cm tall (90% percentile)
46.5 cm Head Circumference (75% percentile)
9.8kg (50% percentile) – she lost some weight whilst being sick for 2 weeks (should be over 10kg)

In comparison Liam’s 1 year stats were:
81cm tall , 48 cm head circumference, 13kg!

Demi also got the 1 yr immunisations (3 injections) done which is up to date until she is 18 months.

Liam has a FANTASTIC memory recall – and picks up on minor details that surprises us all the time. He knows the names of all his library books and now wants to read 5 books every morning when he wakes up. He remembers pages we missed, can find small photos on the page and odd words we forgot to say he will tell us. He is always likes to say “What’s that?” (can be annoying as he know the answer to most of the questions).

Liam’s kindy teachers says he sings all the time – very cute! When he turns 3 in June he will be sent to the preschool room at the centre. He also got accepted into the Woollahra Emanuel Preschool for next year so he will be there in 2011 and 2012.

A while ago Liam went with Booba to the library for a special storytime – it was all books on “Fergus the Ferry” one of Liam’s favourite reads and what was special was the author was the reader!

Demi LOVES riding in Liam’s (now Demi’s) trike – she has a HUGE smile, flaps her feet that cant touch the pedals and toots the horn.

NEWS FLASH – Forgot to mention at 11 1/2 months old Demi is on the move!!! She has now shown us that she can do more than just a 360 degrees spin using her feet. She does a half crawl, have bum shuffle to her destination all around the house!!! She doesn’t go on all fours because we have floor boards is what a recent clinic nurse suggested as carpet is kinder to the knees. So this crab crawl is very cute to watch and she LOVES the new freedom of not being stuck in the one spot! She crawls very fast and is very determined to get where she wants.

Demi is fortunate to have lots of beautiful hair and she has gorgeous brown curls. Her hair often goes in her eyes so a cute “snorkel” is a popular look. Demi is also obsessed with eating Chirros (Liam was at that age too for a very long time) – she especially loves it in her special cup where she can take as many as she wants at her leisure.

Everytime we go somewhere Liam always says “Mummy pick up Demi” so we dont ever forget to take her with us!

Tonight marked the end of formula in Demi’s bottles – she now has 3 bottles of cow’s milk a day (each approx 200 mls) – a lot cheaper too!


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