Let’s go walking!

June 1st, 2010 by Trent

Demi’s Update:

At 14 months Demi loves taking lots of steps when you hold her hands! She crawls very fast and has a cheeky streak and tries to get “get away”, crawling very fast when you go to put her jacket on or say “I’m going to get you!”

She has started moving furniture, toy pram/walker around the place and cruising up and down the couch.

Demi is doing a term of Einsteinz music classes and loves it! She is the complete opposite of her brother from  when he did the music class. At music she never sits on mum’s lap and goes into the middle of the circle, crawls around to all the other mums/bubs and tests out everyone else’s’ instruments.

Demi looks about 78cm+ on the wall chart in Liam’s room and weighs 10.9kg.

Every night Demi waves good night and blow kisses very cute J Demi plays with her hair when she has her bottle and when she falls asleep.

Her current loves on the food front are eating corn, peas, cornflakes/chiros, cheese, cruskits, pears and plums.

She has discovered she wants to eat all of Liam’s food too – like Rice wheels etc In the mornings Demi has to eat mum’s just right cereal as well!

Mum recently got her hair chemically straightened which makes life so much easier!

Other the other hand Demi gets comments on her beautiful curly hair everyday! As it is so long in the front, she wears her trademark snorkel/fountain every day. Dad is good at doing her day too!

Liam Update:

Liam is now into asking LOTS of question (not why) but “What’s that? What this?”. He is also is big into saying he did things all by himself and always wants to help all the time. Every morning he gets his stool and brings it into the kitchen to help make breakfast. He has to hold the milk, help pour, crush his weetbix and now wants to butter the toast. He loves helping mum make banana smoothies too.

He has love/hate relationship with Demi – everyday he says he loves his sister (Demi came out of mummy’s tummy as well!), cuddles and kisses her. On the other hand, he screams at her not touch his toys and dobs on her when she throws her food in the high char! He says the word “Screech” when Demi touches something!! Mum discovered “screech” come from his Fergus the Ferry books.

On Friday the 30th April, Liam had a breakthrough in his swimming lesson.  He loves his teacher Erica and was smiling and happy to jump in the water and swim with her.

Liam started preschool visits (3-4 yr old class) – as of next week he is permanently in the preschool room as he will be 3 yrs old! He now goes 4 days a week (M-T). He is settling in very well in the big boys class room and he has lots of mates from when he was in the nursery still there.

Liam is obsessed with farm animals, especially cows, always sings old Macdonald and wants to milk a cow! So a farm stay towards the end of the year is definitely on the cards J  He also love kicking a ball and loves to watch the kids play soccer at Lyne Park – so soccer classes are next on the cards too!

Every morning (weather permitting) we walk to kindy (and pick up too) and we say good morning to Scott a Moriah security guard who stands outside moriah preschool on our way to kindy. He is very friendly and always likes a chat. As Liam tells us he says “Hi Mate!”.

For Liam’s 3rd bday – mum and dad will take him to the zoo for the first time – can’t wait! There won’t be a big party this year, but we will celebrate with family and a small MG afternoon tea. We still want another cake this year with Dora on it too. I ask him what toy he wants and his answer is a “Big present”.  I asked him what he would wish and his answer was a cow!

Last month, Dad went to Melbourne for a very short visit to celebrate Melbourne Max’s 1st Birthday.

Before we took dad to the airport we went to the local Fire Station Open day – we gave the fireman a hi-five, ate 2 sausage sizzles and checked out the fire engine and uniforms- lots of fun.

On Mother’s Day we visited Oma – we ate lunch, played outside in the playground and were very lucky to see an animal farm there too! What a surprise! We patted all the animals and watched them go home on the truck back to Old Macdonald’s farm.

“Cheeky” is Liam’s favourite word – and he does a loud “fake” laugh too at the moment.

Liam is 98.5cm (approx) tall – on the wall chart – growing lots!

Liam’s vocab and speech is going great! His love for books is outstanding and he wants to learn new words all the time.

Liam slept over at Booba and Pappa’s house the other friday night and was a complete angel! He took his boots the monkey and slept very well.

After Liam’s bday we will start toilet training – crossing fingers we don’t have too many accidents!

Check out some pics over the last few weeks.


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