Demoilitian Demi

July 31st, 2010 by Trent

We love our beautiful Demi but boy has she earned her nickname “Demolitain Demi”! In comparison to Liam as a baby who never touched things, Demi likes to innocently destroy pictures on the walls, opened all the drawers/cupboards, throws toys/food etc- so it is a BIG change for us.

We never had to baby proof anything with Liam (I know very lucky) however, we  just got a great custom-made babygate installed to stop Demi from coming in the kitchen and causing major chaos!

Demi is becoming more independent everyday and LOVES to copy or have what her brother is doing or has.

Still only walking a few independent steps (looks like she will be similar to her brother!) she LOVES walking around the house pushing her pram. She stores all sorts of funny toys (food if she can!) in the pram and has a big smile on her face. She took it down our street the other day and stopped and waved at the neighbours house/dog and had a great time.

Demi’s hair is getting longer and Dad loves to put her trademark fountain into two little pigtails – she looks very cute!p1010497.jpg

Booba Lena knits this winter have been great and Demi currently wears two beautiful cardigans.

The other weekend we went to an Einsteinz Music concert at Bondi Beach. We all had a great time! They played all the songs from the CD’s we have and both Liam and Demi have been to the music classes.


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Independance Days

July 13th, 2010 by Trent

Independence day – I thought this was a very appropriate blog title as BOTH kids are going through a MAJOR independence phase!!! Liam says “No I do it” ALLLLLL the time! With EVERYTHING! He insists he does it – apart from a very few things he has to do it! Demi insists on feeding herself and copying her brother with what he eats, sits and does.

Demi’s Update:On Monday 12th July – Demi had her first day at Kindy and she did very well! Apart from a little crying and distractions needed as she asked for “mumma” (her favourite word) – her teacher said she had an EXCELLENT first day and considering the circumstances she was no problem at all and settled well – she even slept 2 hrs! We will see what she is like next Monday when she realises what is going this time!!! She is hopefully going to go every Monday and Tuesday but Monday is only available at the moment.

Wednesday 7th July Demi took 3 independent steps – then another 2 the next day – and just the odd 2 steps here and there but nothing major since. She is very proud of herself standing still not holding anything and knows she is achieving new milestones.  For a few months before that she was comfortably cruising along furniture and loves pushing her baby/pram.

At 15months (17th June) Demi is 11.5 kg.

Demi has SOOO many teeth I can’t keep track including the big double ones next to the molars too! She has approx 12 teeth!!!

Demi has such a cute personality and understands so much. She loves doing a little snort with her nose to say please wipe me with a tissue (has had a cold very ages), she brings her jacket to you so she can leave the house and she drags her couch from her room into lounge room when she sees Liam watching Dora!

She is now happy to go on 1 sleep (as of 15th June) and after lunch will sleep 1-2.5 hrs.

She loves to sit on the little foot stool we have and play with her kitchen. Until recently she also loved discovering the kitchen and opening all the drawers and pulling things out – thanks to a great handyman we got a baby gate installed so she is locked out!

Demi also received on Liam’s Bday a self portriat (see pic below) that her Oma painted for her – she copied a photograph) and did an AMAZING job! Thanks Oma!

Liam Update – lots of growing up since our 3rd bday!

Liam celebrated his 3rd birthday sick! Can you believe it?!?! We had  planned to go to a friend’s birthday party and have an afternoon tea at home and we ended up with high temps and generally lethargic/no appetite and had to cancel! We slept over 3 hrs on our bday!

Oh well – Liam still celebrated with 2 cakes – one was with his grandparents and Aunty Hannah on Sunday and another on Tuesday at Kindy with his buddies.

Now that Liam has turned 3 – you can see some changes – silly things like not be negative/scare of birthday parties (I know weird) and batteries in toys!! According to our wall chart we are 100cm tall!

He also now says “mum I love going to Kindy” which is so nice to hear too! His teachers are saying that is such a beautiful boy, pleasure to have in the class and plays with lots of kids, he always has a great day. He has really settled in nicely to the 3-4 yr class.

As we decided not to do a party this year, a trip to the Zoo was going to happen but leading up to his b’day there was A HUGE rain period so we decided to go to the Australian Museum instead. Liam LOVED it! There was lots of great things for kids his age to do and he even bumped into a friend from kindy there which he can’t stop talking about.

For his b’day he got lots of great presents including a scooter, Thomas tunnel from Demi, car garage, bath car stickers, Patch the Dog who talks with Aunty Hannah’s voice, personalised dora DVD, tool bench and lots more. Liam loves riding his scooter up and down the street which he shares with Demi between them driving the car and scooter between them.

Over the June long weekend we started toilet training!!! It was interesting to all of a sudden go into Thomas underpants but after 2 days of a few accidents it clicked on day 3 without any accidents! Liam straight away was happy doing 1 and 2’s in the toilet, and loves the toilet paper, flushing and washing hands. He has done very well to date, with just a few accidents and tells you when he needs to go and at kindy he is a star on the toilet! He LOVES to read his books on the toilet, especially Dora and we chant together – “Go pishi go! Go pishi go!” He has taken the toilet thing in his stride and doesn’t need any treat/bribe etc, just happy to get the job done so to speak! He also got a great piano on a stand with a stool as congratulations for doing so well on the toilet.

Every night as a tradition in bed before we kiss goodnight Liam asks mum “Tell me what did we do today?” and we talk about everything we did which he loves.

Liam says nearly every day “I Love Demi so much mummy” and always wants to “teach” Demi something which is lovely. On the flip side, he squashes, tackles and pushes Demi everyday too! AAARRRGH! Looking forward to when Demi can properly stick up for herself!

Recently, we went to the South Sydney Markets and LOVED the animal farm, jumping castle and we got our face painted for the first time (a spider and spider web)!!

Check out the great pics and hopefully the next entry will be sooner J


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