Pees (please)

September 23rd, 2010 by Trent


Ok where do we begin after such a long time – I think I will bullet point again as a quick reference on Liam and Demi.

A bit about Mummy and daddy:

Mum got her tonsils out – LOADS of pain, which involved one night in hospital followed by a week in bed. Dad did very well playing mr mum (Demi went to Kindy 4 days like Liam and was fine). Mum described it as severe jetlag followed by severe tonsillitis. It took over 2 ½ weeks to fully recover from the op – ENT Dr said mum had 3cm wide tonsils that were very horrible and it must be a huge relief to have them out! No more tonsillitis rocks!

Mum and dad both got the new iphone 4 – it allows them to take fantastic high quality videos and we use facetime where we can chat to daddy live and we can see him and he can see us – very cool!

We are very excited that we are going on our first family holiday since Liam was 9 months old! We are going with Aunty Mel, Uncle Jules and Max from Melbourne as well as Booba and Papa to Terrigal. Spending 5 nights in a luxurious beach house – cant wait!

It has nearly been 4 years since mum performed a Go Seek show and it is about to change! In November Mum and Aunty Keren will perform at Jacobs Ladder in front of the whole centre and teachers and of course for Liam and Demi – so excited and nervous – have to get some practices in too! Speaking of kindy both Liam and Demi got a great report card in August☺

Demi Update (in no particular order!)

  • Demi can say “Pees” (Please!) – mum asked her a few times today when she wanted help etc and after saying to her “what do you say?” she answered “pees”. Great Manners Dem!
  • Today Demi got her 18 month chicken pox vaccination – she had an emla patch on numbed her little thigh so well that she didn’t make a sound or flinch! Well done! Now no more till we are 4 years old 🙂
  • After Demi has her milk bottle, mum asks her to put it in the kitchen and what does Demi do? She puts it in the dishwasher of her mini kitchen ☺ This is where we discovered she had stored her sunglasses we were searching for one morning too!
  • Demi has started to be a bit of hyper condriact! Every time she thinks she has an “ouchie” she walks over to the freezer takes out the red dinosaur ice pack and puts it on her head and then packs it away later. It does help though because she stops crying very quickly when I tell her to go to the freezer and get the icepack – all better!
  • Loves to say “No” like a French girl (brother did the same) – no is more popular than yes!
  • As soon as Demi sees you make a meal she brings her step to the kitchen (to be like Liam)– she cant reach the bench!
  • Demi got her first pair of proper shoes (21st Sept) Adidas sneakers and LOVES them. She was fitted as having a narrow foot size 4 ½, She looks so cute walking around in them and you can hear her coming when she walks on the floor boards in the house.
  • A bit scary – she now can open doors!
  • Demi loves going out and when we mention it she is off getting her jacket and hat and points to the door.
  • Demi now taps her nappy and says poo and mum asked her if she wanted to go to the toilet and she said yes – I put her on the toilet fully clothed and then she flushed and stood on a stool and washed her hands – no toilet training for her that for sure but amazing to see her comprehend what Liam does all the time.
  • Demi loves speaking on her pretend toy telephones and she pushes her new umbrella pram everywhere including up the street to the car.
  • Demi gives Liam everything – she brings him his shoes, jacket, water etc and loves cuddling him although it can turn from laughs to screams very quickly!
  • Apart from the beautiful little girl Demi is growing into she has started to get very feisty and screams when she doesn’t get her own way! She also lies down as a protest/tantrum and acts like her brother of course! At least it doesn’t last very long and she gets the message when you walk away or say goodbye!
  • Demi ‘s comprehension is amazing to watch and how she loves to laugh/tackle her brother, do everything with him or everything he does/eats/acts etc
  • SHE LOVES HIM – going into his room when he wakes up to picking up from kindy –she has a huge smile and giggle.
  • Demi and mummy look like twins at the 18 month age mark –looking back at an old photo of mum and she looks identical to what demi looks like now ☺
  • Demi has to eat what mum eats always! Including her much bigger spoon – it has got to the point where mum has to eat her breakfast standing up in the kitchen otherwise it will demolished by Demi!
  • Demi started walking alot more around 17 months (8/10+ steps) and was cheating by holding on to a wall if she was near one – looks like a very cute zombie! Then in the last few weeks her confidence acclerated and she was non stop walking and loves to do steps too!
  • She weighs 11kg – 50% percentile for 18 months according to blue books standards.
  • She loves slippery slides and speed bumps and all the time says “more!”.
  • Demi does the best kisses, blow a kiss, loves to give hi-5’s, and great cuddles too!

Now for Liam:

  • Every Friday morning it is a tradition to have Liam and Demi in the pram and mum walks us down to grandma moses to get bagles and challah – favourites! We also love to stop and chat to the Moriah security guard Scott.
  • Favourite music – Barney, I sneeze/animal mix./barnyard twist from Go Seek, ABBA and now listening more to Justine Clarke after going to the concert.
  • Every Saturday morning Liam and Daddy still go to Aldi for the regular weekly shop – the supermarket is one of Liam;s favourite places to visit still.
  • Evert Sunday morning we meet Booba and Papa at the coffee shop for breakfast and every Wednesday night Zada comes over after Kindy.
  • Every night before books and after we get into our PJ’s we do the Pyjama dance.
  • Most night we make telephone calls before we read our books to zada/aunty Hannah, oma and booba/papa.
  • At kindy – every week we have been doing Zumba, mandarin and hee dee ho music.
  • Liam’s favourite animal is a cow – on rare chance he gets his face painted he asks for a cow – which then turns into a spider/web!
  • Liam is obsessed with making daddy’s coffee in the morning at breakfast – he sits on the bench with Trent and helps make the coffee with the nespresso machine.
  • Liam started to say “Demi is my friend” for the first time ☺
  • Liam loves ham and yoghurt. Liam has yoghurt usually after lunch and dinner (sees it as a treat at least!)
  • He has become very determined to do something not only himself but is something changes/isn’t right he wants to “start from the beginning” in his words. It can be anything from crossing the road to getting undressed.
  • So current Liam sayings:
  • Demi has a fat bottom
  • Say sorry for nothing (when screamed on the ph the other day and we said ring back and say sorry and he said ok say sorry for nothing very seriously)
  • Growing tall like a sunflower
  • I m a Masterchef
  • I love Demi so much
  • I want a coffee (today instead of a babycino)
  • My bed is so snuggly
  • I love you to sky and back
  • Bye sweetie pie
  • Cheeky monkey
  • Can i have a tissue to wipe away my tears
  • Does the rivercat go to melbourne?
  • Randomly he will say “daddy i love you so much” or “Mummy I love you so much” everyday.
  • Everything we did do/see etc was “yesterday” there is no comprehension of something that might have happened weeks/months ago – it all happened “yesterday”.
  • A few weeks back Booba took Liam on his first rivercat ride to circular quay which he loved and he tells me a man made him hot chips too!
  • Loves the new wooden calendar we have up in the kitchen – Liam likes to change it everyday at breakfast and changes the weather, day, date and month.
  • Liam still is obessed with boots the monkey from dora (sleeps with him every night) and his “blankie” that is goes on his fold out couch, the rule is he never takes it with him out of the house and of late has wanted them around the house with him “watching” him play, cook go to the toilet etc
  • Last weekend mum and Liam went to the Justine Clarke concert at the Seymore Centre. He sat the whole time eating all the snacks mum brought and was mesmerised, Mum also filmed a bit on the iphone and Liam loves to watch some of the taped songs.
  • In term 4 – Liam will start a new swim school on Saturday mornings at 8:30 at Edgecliff and also Friday morning we will do Kangas sports on Lynne Park Tennis courts.

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