Painting with Oma

December 22nd, 2010 by Trent

Today Demi went with mum to visit Oma. Every Wednesday morning Oma has art classes. Demi was lucky to do her first water colour painting!

She had LOTS of fun and did two masterpieices. She was determined to do everything herself (as usual) and did a very good job!

Oma was finishing painting her flowers and we need to get her to paint new pictures for Demi’s bedroom too.

I think this will become a regular date with Oma and we look forward to many more creations.

Also at Oma’s today, Demi was lucky to get a very cute puppy dog made out of stuffing and knitting from one of Oma’s friend’s Angus. She LOVEs her ‘pup’ which looks a bit like snoppy – a doggy mum had when she was young 🙂

Last night Dad got a great deal online and bought two yearly Taronga Zoo passes! Look out animals here we come! The kids havent been to the zoo as yet but loved the farm and any petting zoo so it should be a lovely outing.

Demi’s nicknames at the moment from mum are – poops, cookies/cooks, koogolofv, beautiful girl and dad – princess and ponky.

A new thing that both Liam and Demi love to do is the breakfast dishes with mum’s help, standing on their stools.

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December 16th, 2010 by Trent

‘Me’ or ‘Me, Me, Me, Me, Me’ is Demi’s favourite word at the moment. She wants to be included in everything and now says “Dem Dem” for her name 🙂

This Miss Independence thing is growing everyday – she wants to climb up into the car seat like her brother, hold her own umbrella like her brother and do same things Liam likes to do in general. For example, if he wears his uggboots in the morning before kindy she runs into her room and gets hers and asks to put them on too.

Her latest trick is ‘mum see jump’ and she tries to jump as she throws her arms up in the air – very cute! She loves saying “mum” and tilts her head to the side and gets your attention so you watch her do something funny – watch me! (another thing Demi copied from Liam – mum look at me!)

Demi also nods her head vigorously for a ‘yes’ and still pulls her tongue in and out as a sign that she wants water 🙂

We cant keep up with the amount of words Demi is now saying (including Santa!) and she tries to count 1, 3, 5, 6 … Some nice words at the moment we love to say are booba, papa, oma and zada 🙂

She definitely has a BIG sweet tooth and anything with sugar is a huge hit – at party’s she gets upset if she cant have 3 cupcakes!

Liam and Demi both like to be micheivous and play on the couch even though mum and dad have told them a billion times not to jump/muck around on the couch – arrgh!

Demi is obessed with the box of kitchen gloves and taking on and off (with mum or dad’s help) her doll’s nappies.

Recently Liam and Demi went to the Chanukah at the bay celebration. Where they both a ball going on LOTS of rides.

Liam wanted Demi to go on evyerhting with him and even though Demi isnt 2 yrs old the operators said she was fine too.

Near the end of our time there they decided to go on the kids ferris wheel for the 2nd time and Demi worked out how to take off the very poor seatbelt and decided half way up to stand up and give everyone a HEART ATTACK!!! It took a good minute for her to sit back down, Liam wasnt fussed about it either and when the operator said she was going to fall it was a horrible feeling to watch her and couldn’t do anything. They had the ride stopped and after the long wait of her finally sitting down they took Demi off .

Liam had his Christmas Concert at kindy. His teachers said he was very happy and enthusiastic singing at all the rehearsals but on the day he had a grumpy face – left his classmates and walked into to the audience straight to mum and said I want to go home!! So much for a performance!!

The update on Liam’s sleepover at Zada’s – well it went VERY well – Aunty Hannah and Zada said he was an angel, couldnt fault him and happy to have him over every saturday night!! Yeah!

Liam knows when his birthday is now if you ask him and doesnt realise or like the fact that the next birthday is booba, then oma, then dad, then Demi, then Zada, then mum and then LIAM! We have 6 more months till we turn 4 – and he requests to have a cow in a circle on his cake.

Move over Dora – he comes Mickey Mouse!! Liam’s new favourite TV show is Mickey Mouse Clubhouse – nice and refreshing and at least educational like Dora. He is mesmerised when watching it and Demi joins in a little bit too. He loves to dance at the end with mum. It is cute to watch Demi try and copy the dance that is the latest move from Liam’s repertoire!

Liam loves to say ‘mum look at me’ or ‘mum watch me’ as he shows a new dance move or funny thing – I am sure we are going to have many more years of this!

Mum’s update is that she is loosing weight every week – currently a size 12 and have lost about 12kg 🙂 She trains approx 4-5 times a week as well.

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Summer Rain

December 4th, 2010 by Trent

A quick summary of what has been happening in the last few months:

We went to the Fairfield City Farm, Powerhouse museum, Rose Bay Street Fair, birthday parties and lots more.

Mid November we went on a family holiday with Aunty Mel, Uncle Jules, Cousin Max, Booba and Pappa to Terrigal. We hired a holiday house and spent time at the beach, pool and went to reptile world in Gosford.

Liam and Demi shared a room and although they were chatting and getting up to mischief the first night, they did very well the other 4 nights. When we got back to Sydney we had a professional family photo at centennial park and then Tamar’s But Mitzvah.

On the 9th of November, Mum came out of retirement and performed her first Go Seek Show since she was 3 months pregnant with Liam! After a few rehearsals and loosing about 7kg, she got back into the costume and performed for about 100 kids at Jacobs Ladder. Performing for Demi and Liam was amazing! It was a HUGE hit!!! Although Liam was overwhelmed and Demi was not fussed, they both LOVE watching it on the computer and Liam says “that’s my mum” very proudly. They both love wearing their Go Seek t-shirts. Liam has his Go Seek poster on his wall in his room too.

This week was Chanukah and Liam and Demi got some lovely presents from Booba, Papa, Oma and Zada.


Loves playing at his Kangas sport classes at Lyne Park Tennis Courts– they do basketball, tennis, t-ball and lots more.

Every Saturday, Liam loves to learn to swim with his teacher James and swim partner Isabelle. The new swim school teaches them to swim without float aids. Demi will start in Term 1 with mum in 2011.

Liam’s favourite number is 5 and favourite colour is blue.

He weighs 18.5kg

Starting on Friday – Liam now goes full time 5 days a week  to Jacobs Ladder – he then has a week off over Xmas/NYE and around Australia Day. He then starts his new preschool early February.

We did an orientation morning at his new preschool and we spent the whole morning in his new classroom and his new teachers Susy and Shari. It was a great success and Liam had a great time. Next year the hours will dramatically change from the long day care and no holidays the Ladder offer. Next year it will be school hours with LOTS of school holidays!!!

Tonight is the first time Liam is sleeping over at Zada and Aunty Hannah’s house! Very exciting, he went out for pizza and then tomorrow will go with Zada to Oma’s place. Fingers crossed all goes well.

Soon there will be a Xmas Kindy Concert where Liam will be singing “Jingle bells“ and “Rudolf”. Below are the kindy photos Demi and Liam got back in August.


Weights 11.5kg

She has so many teeth we have lost count!!!

Demi loves to take your hand and guide you to what she wants to do.

When she goes to Liam’s kindy room she acts like one of the other 3 yr olds and loves playing with the other children especially in the dolls corner.

Demi’s favourite word is “me” as in me too, don’t forget I want to too! i.e food, things to do/places to go, swimming etc she says “me”!

She copies EVRYTHING Liam does and she loves making pow/wow spiderman sounds and finger action like Liam – so cute!

On Wednesday 1st December she stopped her evening bottle of 200 mls of milk no more bottles!!! Big girl!

Demi sat in the airplane and looked in mirror and TV without making a sound for her first haircut on Wednesday 1st December. Her curls look gorgeous and the hairdresser put a plait in her hair and very sweet butterflies. Well done!

After Australia Day Demi adds another day to Jacobs Ladder and will go every Monday and Tuesday.

Demi has such a cheeky streak in her as well being very girly (loving the jewellery etc) and being a mum to Liam. Her beautiful personality is growing everyday – its is a delight to watch 🙂

To date mum has lost about 10kg, 12cm off the waist and 5.5cm off the bust area and 1cm off the hips. Every Tuesday and Thursday night she trains with a personal trainer and then eats very healthy and does some extra walks/jogs. The initial goal was to loose weight for the Go Seek show and now it is to fit eventually into a bikini! Stay tuned…we hope for a holiday to Fiji next year so the perfect place to wear it!

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