Happy birthday Demi

March 30th, 2011 by Trent

Demi has now turned two! On her birthday we all went to taronga zoo and had a lovely time. It was the first time for Demi and second time for Liam. Demi got some wonderful birthday presents – scooter, dolls pram, dollhouse (from booba and papa) and kitchen (from Oma and zada), puzzles, clothes, dolls and lots more!

A very special party was held last Sunday. It was a Go Seek party! Mum and Tizzy performed for a very big Go Seek fan – Demi! Mum rehearsed a few times with Tizzy and on the day it was a wonderful show. Keren did face painting, there was a craft table and friend Jacquie made a Minnie mouse cake.

Mum had a goal to loose enough weight that she would be a size 10 at Demi,s birthday and she achieved this!!! Dad now is at the same personal training gym and has lost 5kg, and mum has lost a total of 18kg!

This year Liam started at the Emanuel Woollahra preschool. It is 5 days a week, 8:30-3:30. Liam had settled in very quickly and loves his new playground, friends and teachers. He recently celebrated Purim and dressed up as a doctor. He has Hebrew classes, play ball and einstienz music classes every week too.

Demi is at child care two days a week and also really enjoys it, her teachers love her so much and she is interacting nicely with her friends.

Other news and happenings for this year:
Uncle Jules and Aunty Melissa had their second child in February -Poppy Miri!
Liam and Demi went bowling for the first time and had a great time.
Demi started swimming lessons with dad and loves it.
Demi and mum enjoy going to emanuel playgroup every Friday.
Demi and mum have visited dad’s new office in the city via the train.
Liam is making some lovely friends from kindy and is going to lots of class parties and playdates.






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