Happy 4th Birthday Liam

June 7th, 2011 by Trent

Wow today Liam turned 4 years old!!! He celebrated with a playball party on Sunday with lots of children from his class and other family and friends. It was a lovely sunny winters day and we had a big party at the High Tide Room at Bondi Pavillion. Liam loved it – was a little overwhelmed at times but generally did very well. The same coach that takes him for playball every week at kindy took his party too which was great. He had a dinosaur ice cream cake and got lots of wonderful presents.

Liam is really into dinosaurs, toy story, puzzles, games and of course we still love books. He got a cool green/silver bike (with training wheels) from Booba and Pappa. Other presents were Micano (oma and zaida), talking dinosaurs, games, lego, books, puzzles, playdo, a mickey mouse doona set and lots more.

Today he also got to have a beautiful kindy party (something they do for every child) which involved Trent and I coming in the morning and helping Liam decorate two sponge cakes with icing and lollies. One cake was to share with the kids and the other was to take home which we had with Demi for dessert. He sang songs, danced and got a special box of wishes from all his friends.

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Fun in Fiji

June 2nd, 2011 by Trent

In May we went on a long awaited holiday to the Hilton Denaru in Fiji for 10 fab nights! It was the first plane trip for Demi and the overseas trip took approx 4 hrs.

During the whole stay we had a lovely nanny called Lalai who came recommended by many friends. Each day she would meet us at breakfast and take the kids to kids club on a buggy and then give them lunch back in our hotel room and put them to bed for their day sleep. She would then come back at night so we could endulge with dinners out every night (she was $12 Fijian Dollars an hour for 2 children and the exchange rate is close to 2 to 1). Liam and Demi loved kids club (each day there was activities, a playground on sand, toys, face painting, arts/craft etc). They quickly came to like Lalai and by the end of the holiday they were running up to her screaming her name and saying how much they loved her after a big hug! So sweet to watch, and Lalai loved the kids back and had tears in her eyes when they gave her thank you cards. Lalai has 6 kids of her own (youngest was 1 yr) so she was an expert to say the least!

For the whole 10 days we all said (the kids learnt quickly) Bula and Venaka (thank you) and the Fiji friendliness was lovely.

Every night the kids at the hotel could participate in a torch ceremony where they wore hula skirts and got their face and chest face painted so they were “white warriors” and then they went up and down the beach lighting the torches with fire with 2 Fijian Warriors. This was a hit with Liam and Demi who did it 3 times.

One lunchtime we went without the kids to a natural springs and mud bath that was about an hour away and was located high up in the mountains. It was VERY basic but a fun experience with a massage too. We took the bula bus a few times which Liam loved and for $7 Fijian dollars per adult it took us to the port and the other nearby hotels. The kids were spoilt with ice cream everyday and sometimes fish n chips. We swam at the Radisson one afternoon as they had a great water slide that Liam became obsessed with!

The weather was amazing, warm all day and night with the air conditioning going all the time and about a 30 degrees temp every day (nice to esacape the cold winter weather in Sydney). So swimming twice a day in the great Hilton pools were fun and over the holiday Liam’s swimming improved so much that he became obsessed with being underwater and mastered wearing goggles which he never wore before.

Since the resort was quite big, there were buggy’s everywhere and the kids loved getting buggy rides. We collected shells on the beach and made lots of sandcastles. Trent and I managed a few run/walks along the beach too. We did a short kayak ride before breakfast one morning and everyone enjoyed the breakfast buffet everyday. When the kids were with Lalai we got to relax at pool and read or go to the gym or go to the port/town.

Dinners out every night at the different hotels were great and the kids got a ukulele as a souvenir which they play all the time at home. The kids enjoyed using the ipad (as well as our iphones) everyday and it came in very handy at the airport, on the plane and in our hotel room.

Current Demi sayings:

“Be happy”, “Tuck tuck”, No, Me do it, And Me, mine – very independent, obsessed with hair clips and having her hair done, “Caring is sharing”, cough lollipops and bandaids.

Liam’s sayings:

“good thinking”, “Demi stop doing scribbles”, “Demi’s not doing it right”, Stop it, I need to talk, I love you so much.

Next week Liam will turn 4 years old!!! Very hard to believe! He is going to have a playball party (he does playball once a week at kindy) with a dinosaur ice cream cake as he is very into dinosaurs and a TV show called Dinosaur train. On his actual birthday he will have a cute little kindy party where he gets to decorate a cake, and sing and dance with his friends.

Liam is very into making “maps” and then uses them to get to places- apparently it is popular thing to make at his kindy class too.

We are both at Vision Training and recently there was a 9 week weight loss challenge which Trent won the under 40’s male category with a 10.5kg  weight loss and we both one best couple!-Gift vouchers and a camera were the prizes we won.

Signing off – Love Sim xxx


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