Happy Father’s Day!

September 2nd, 2012 by Trent

Dear Daddygushkee’s,

We want to wish you a very happy fathers day today!

We have the best dad ever and there are 40 reasons why:

1. You’re the best shopper and we love our Aldi supermarket visits
2. We love going to Moo Burger, other restaurants & breakfast cafes with you
3. We like to do the gardening with you and growing stuff in our vegie patch
4. We go to Bunning’s together to fix things around the house, learn about tools and other things
5. You make a delicious BBQ lunch and dinner
6. You are the best cook and we love making LOTS of recipes together
7. It is fun canoodling with you everyday ☺
8. We cant get enough of your fabulous Spinach pie! (and other specialities)
9. We learn about spices, fruit, vegies and the Asian store at Paddy’s Market
10. We are so lucky to be taken to Plum Park in the mornings before kindy
11. You are great at building and re building Lego, making stuff like paper aeroplanes and lots more
12. You take us to Karate and swimming lessons every week (and take cool videos)
13. You teach us so many things about the world everyday!(like the olympics and countries recently).
14. We love to dance with you (also to singers like Jack Johnson) and practice our dancing like for our wedding one day!
15. You taught us about Rock n Roll and music favourites like ACDC
16. We practice things like karate together and other things like our writing
17. We come to you for help when we need things to be “fixed” – Daddy fixes everything!
18. You do the best preschool drop offs and pick ups ever!
19. We love to visit Daddy’s work and meet his work friends
20. You showed us Skype on the computer and you tube.
21. You teach us, help with getting information and go high in levels in games – all things IT – computers (internet) iphone and ipad
22. You are great at getting us cool music, movies and TV shows to watch (even in the car!)
23. We love swimming together and having fun in the pool/beach, going underwater, taking photos, bub’s club and more
24. You carry us on your shoulders and lift us up in the air!
25. Love watching movies together like Ice Age.
26. You teach us how to be a good person and do mitzvahs like giving blood.
27. You show us how to be strong – show us how to get big muscles like you
28. You are great at being the tickle monster ☺
29. It is always special reading books with you.
30. We build things together and making sandcastles at the beach.
31. You help us to ride our bike, scooter, trike or car and teach us about safety and how important is to wear a helmet (or wear our seatbelt in the car)
32. It is special doing the Shabbat prayers together every week
33. You are fun and silly and pull lots of funny faces (especially on the computer camera)
34. You are great at sleeping, giving us snuggles and having cuddles in bed!
35. You shower us with lots of kisses and cuddles – the best!
36. We do our exercises together (shower stretches too!)
37. You take us to fun places like feeding the ducks, parks, little dynamos, zoo, museums, bowling, school holidays, so many outings!
38. It is great fun washing the car together and doing jobs
39. We are your Officeworks buddies!
40. You set up this amazing blog for us to record these wonderful memories! (clever you!)

So you now can see just SOME of the great things that make you the BEST dad ever!

WE LOVE YOU TO SKY AND BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lot of love – Liam and Demi

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