Demi’s sense of humour

November 18th, 2012 by Trent

I had to note these conversations recently and Demi’s sense of humour?!?!?

Mum washes her hair and she says ok im going to put shampoo on now and demi says mum I dont like shampoo cause it ends in poo.

After demi plays hairdressers with mum and make pigtails and clips all over – I say maybe you can wear your hair like that tomorrow for kindy and in a serious voice she says no mum cause people will laugh at me.

Lastly, I say Demi “You know you would be a good preschool teacher” and she says in a serious voice “no I dont want to be be cause i dont want to wipe people’s bums all day”.

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Trick or Treat in Roberts Street

November 7th, 2012 by Trent

For the 2nd year we got into the celebration of Halloween!

A few days before we letter box dropped in the street with a note to the neighbours saying were coming to their house for treats! The kids had a great time and we teamed up with our neighbours, Oscar and Lewy and a few other friends.

Liam and Demi collected 30 lollies each and just had a couple on the night and havent asked for it since!

Demi dressed as Tizzy and Liam a skeleton. Dad decorated the front of the house too!

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Trying on the school uniform

November 7th, 2012 by Trent

For the last few wednesdays, Liam has had orientation at Rose Bay Public School for his start in Kindergarten in February 2013.

It has had lots of fun and really enjoyed each time he has been there. He was over the moon to get a school bag, hat, jacket, excursion and library bag and his tops and shorts.

Some kids are going from his preschool and he knows some kids already there in yr k and 1 too.

Liam said he is now feeling like a big boy when he wears his uniform and looks like Demi is very proud too! Scary to think this will be her in a year’s time.

Check out the happy snaps!

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Farm Stay

November 7th, 2012 by Trent

A few weeks ago we went to Picton to stay on Mowbray farm for 2 nights. We went with Michelle, Simon and Gracie (3 yrs) and David, Aliza and Zevi (5yrs) and Rami (16 months).

What a fantastic mini holiday! We stayed in basic accommodation where the kids got to share 6 bunk beds in a room and we all chipped in and made breakfast, lunch and BBQ dinners.

We took lots of tractor rides, fed the horses, patted the rabbits/hamsters, milked the cows, got eggs from the hens, had pony rides, made damper/billy tea, toasted marshmallows, played tennis, archery and went canoeing.

We all played so nicely together and had lots of fun, we are hoping to go on another holiday together again next year.

One the sunday we went to the nearby train museum and took a puffer steam train to Buxton. Then afterwards we went around the newly upgraded museum which has amazing trains on display, interactive displays and an educational theatre with holograms.

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