Sim’s Birthday

April 30th, 2013 by Trent

Yesterday I turned 36 years old! It was a lovely sunny day and it was very relaxing and Trent and I ate all day! We had breakfast at a new cafe in Bondi, lunch at the grounds in alexandria, afternoon tea at Max Brenner and thai with the girls in Rose Bay for dinner!

After breakfast we headed to IKEA and got a new lamp, 2 bookcases for the kids and a shoe holder to put at the front door.

Demi said the cutest thing! On our way to picking up Liam from Booba and Pappa’s she overheard Trent and I talk and mention the word “double bay” and she said oh this is where you got my baby cot from and very confused Trent and I said no it was on “ebay” not “double bay” and she said that is what I meant.

I also pulled out Liam’s 4th tooth on Sunday morning! He has a bit of a lisp with his two top front teeth both missing now too!

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It has now been 3 tooth fairy visits

April 23rd, 2013 by Trent

Liam lost his 3rd tooth today at school holiday camp! He was at the bike racks and a water bottle from his friends bag slipped out and hit Liam’s teeth. He has two wobbly front teeth at the moment and that made one bleed and it fell out. Lucky the teacher found it as the other one we swallowed! He is very excited to receive a visit from the tooth fairy tonight too!


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I can’t stop loving you

April 21st, 2013 by Trent

This is what Demi says every night – I just can’t stop loving you, or dad, or Liam or myself!!!

Also a great thing that Demi says at the moment is “I want to be a lego maker like Liam when I grow up”.

When we asked her are you going to have babies she said “No I cant have babies because I am going to be a lego maker and you can’t be both!”. Even after telling her she can, she said no I dont want too. Also that she wants to go with Liam to university and be a lego maker together!


Image 4

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School Holidays

April 16th, 2013 by Trent

Here is a brain dump of all the things I can think of at the moment for this post.

Liam loves school and it is doing so well (according to his kindy teacher Mrs Donner, she said we should be very proud!).
Liam brings home short books (home reader program) every night and he started reading the 2nd week at school! He enjoys it and is doing really well. He has made some nice new friends and it is a lovely class.
Liam goes to RBOOSH (Rose Bay Before and After School Care) everyday and he has settled in well, although he doesnt like staying too long there and at least understands we have to do it becuase Demi’s preschool is located in Woollahra.
Liam is still enjoying karate on a wed afternoon (orange belt) and has just started JEMS on a Thursday afternoon which is loves too.

Demi is in the Pups class at preschool and her teachers Suzy and Shari say she is definitely ready for school next year which is great to hear.

Demi had her 4th bday at the Teddy Bear Workshop at Westfield. She loved it and got very spolit with lots of new presents, including a new bike. We have taken them to the dover heights bike track a few times and they enjoy riding around.

Demi’s personality is getting quirkier by the day! She is very emotional and will cry at the drop of a hat, and then crack you up laughing. She sings, dances and does and says funny things all the time.
She always wants me to play with her and usually that means with her babies.

It is pretty amazing to see the kids grow up so quickly, now that they are 4 and nearly 6! Just to see Liam in a school uniform and know Demi will be the same next year – freaks us out!!

Liam is always saying out of nowhere – “Mum, I love you” something you can never be sick off! He questions a lot of things everyday which is great but can drive us mad sometimes too.
We have finished first term of school and have started the April school holidays.
We have dad’s 71st birthday tomorrow and then my 36th birthday so after that.
We are heading off to canberra next month for a few days which should be fun too!

Trent and I recently decided to list our house on airbnb which allows you to rent out your house for a period of time. Keren has had lots of great success and we thought we would give it a go too! We are looking at especially breaking up the 6 weeks school holidays, renting the house out and going overseas.
So stay tuned on that front, we have started to look at a holiday in Malaysia and Singapore. We have also talked about doing house swaps with friends and may look at one in September with our friends who have recently moved back to Melbourne.

Trent and I are still at Vision gym and have cut out all nutra sweet drinks and food. It was a little hard a first but now we are used to it and dont drink coke zero anymore for example.

I have been working at Waverley Council now for one year and passed by one year review.

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Hawaii Honeymoon

April 16th, 2013 by Trent

Well it wasn’t a honeymoon but Trent and I celebrated our 10 year wedding anniversary in Hawaii back in March. It was a 10 night getaway without the kids and we got my dad to move in and look after them. We have never been away from the kids so it was very exciting and the kids were fine with us being away. We skyped every night and my dad said it was a pleasure.

We had an amazing holiday!! We first went to Kauai and stayed at the sheraton overlooking the beach. The hotel was stunning and the room was amazing with the best sunset every night. We hired a mustang and drove around this beautiful island everyday. We checked out beaches, waterfalls, food trucks, stunning landscape and lighthouse. We sampled the delicious food at food trucks and restaurants. We ate 3 course meals and ate some really yummy meals. We checked out a walmart even!
We went on 2 tours, one hiking/kayaking to the secret waterfalls and the other we went ziplining 9 times though volcanic/jurassic park style landscape. I even did a learn to surf class on the last day at Popipu beach and surfed a few waves! The US dollar is good for us so everything was an event $1 and food especially was nearly half price at most places.

On the way back, we then went to Wakiki for a few nights for shopping and ate twice at the cheesecake factory! We stayed at the Modern hotel which was very swish! We ate at their signature restaurant- Morrimoto (iron chef) and we had a wonderful celebration for our anniversary. We did some great shopping at the discount outlets and the shopping centre too. We definitely cant wait to go back with the kids.

I know have PHD – Post Hawaii Depression!






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