Tourists in our backyard

September 29th, 2013 by Trent

This weekend we went to Camp Cove beach Saturday morning and Sunday afternoon we went on a tour that took us up the vaucluse Lighthouse. Lots of fun and feeling very lucky we live in such a beautiful area. Side note – Demi had her first sleepover at Talia Pollack’s house! She wasn’t homesick and had lot of fun. Lots of playing and pancakes for breakfast!







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Spring, school holidays and seeing better

September 25th, 2013 by Trent

Well it has been a few months since the last post so I am going to do a big info update and upload some lovely photos.

As of a few weeks ago Demi wears glasses all the time. She was recently tested (we have had a few check ups with an ophthalmologist) and it was finally confirmed that she has an astigmatism. She has a script that is a combination of short and long sightedness. She has been nothing but excited and totally accepting of them. I have been very positive about it and she sees me wear mine all the time which helps. Everyone has commented on how nice she looks too. We got 2 great purple types and they suit her so well. She does say it makes a difference to her and she is happy wearing them everyday.

We got a new car! It is a pleasure to drive and the kids love it too.

Our house has got painted inside (white) and outside a grey (Nile Clay) with black and white framing. It looks great!

Liam and Demi are on school holidays for 2 weeks and then go into their final term of school for this year. Can’t believe Liam is nearly finished kindergarten and Demi at the end of October will be doing orientation at Rose Bay Public School!!! Demi’s teachers say she is very ready for school which is wonderful feedback. Demi has some good friends at kindy, she is very easy going and plays with anyone. In particular she has a few boyfriends! Misha is the stand out – she says she plays the marry game with him where they walk up footprints together and stop and say i like you, hug and then say lets get married and have a party!!!

Liam is really enjoying school and has read about 120 home readers!!! He is a great reader (one of the top in his class) and I volunteer every Tuesday morning to be a reading mum which he loves. He also loves doing “reading eggs” on the computer and is finished all levels and it now up to the express level.

Liam and Demi are progressing nicely with their swimming lessons and Demi does ballet on a saturday morning and Liam does Karate on a Monday after school. He recently had a karate tournament where he got a ribbon for doing his kata – in December he will go for a belt colour increase, this would be a orange belt with a blue tip.

Demi’s fun, imaginative, helpful responsible personality is shining more each day – always smiling. She loves to be very independent and is so proud if herself and achievements. Whether it is making breakfast, watering the garden or doing her buttons on her top and dressing herself, she loves to do things herself. Although she is very independent she also always wants to hold hands when we go out. She is very responsible and can go shy when people make conversation with her. The other day Demi stayed home sick and we made muffins and decided to set up a little stand outside the house and sell them 🙂 It was lots of fun!

Recently work life changed and Trent got offered a General Manager position at PWC for their start up app called Asku. I went from full time to 3 days a week (21 hrs) so Trent can leave the business full time and work in the city at PWC full time. It is a trial for me and lucky they found a lovely job share partner to work the other days.

We have approx 80 days to go until our family holiday where we head overseas for 3 weeks! Singapore for 1 week and Malaysia for 2 weeks.

It is great the weather is warming up and the yesterday I took Demi to Neilson Park beach. This whole week it is 25-30c everyday! Summer has come early! We will try and go to Camp cove this saturday too. Soon it will be daylight saving and next it will be Halloween! Stay tuned for fun pics to come.





Trent Collins 200dpi_4339

photo 2

demi glasses




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