Footy Footy Footy

June 29th, 2014 by Trent

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Footy is all we hear about from Liam everyday! He is obsessed and cant stop talking about it, watching it, playing with his footie cards, checking scores/replays and now playing it at Auskicks.

We have been told this is not a phase and once a fan always a fan!!!!

It has made us into a bit of a footie family and we love watching Sydney Swans games. He has become a Sydney Swans red rookie which gets him 3 free games a year and he have gone to four games in total.

The swans are equal 2nd on the ladder which makes it even more exciting!!!

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School photos 2014

June 19th, 2014 by Trent


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Go the Swanies!!!!!!!!

June 17th, 2014 by Trent

On Saturday we took four of Liam’s friends and Demi to the Sydney Swans vs Port Adelaide match. We had great seats and the weather turned out lovely. It was a very exciting and close match. Port Adelaide are 1st on the ladder and the Sydney Swans are 3rd. It was so close the whole match and the Swans ended up winning by 4 points!!!!! 98 to 94. Liam got some lovely bday presents and we ended the night with some ice creams. Liam had so much fun and it so nice to see how obsessed he is with footie now!




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Liam turns 7

June 7th, 2014 by Trent

WOW – our boys is 7 years old today!!! Growing up to quick! He thinks its great of course 🙂
He has become a Sydney Swans fan in the last few months so we are taking hime and a few friends to watch a game next weekend.

This morning we gave him Sydney Swans bed sheets, tshirt, poster, Red Rookie membership, and a car racing track. Demi made him a card too. He got a remote control truck from Booba and Pappa and Zaida and Oma are giving him a footy cards album/cards and track suit pants.

Also a big hit was the Swams Red Rookie membership (card) – Liam can’t believe that he is a member – he loves it soooo much!

We are having a family afternoon tea on Monday as it is the long weekend. He brought cupcakes to his class yesterday and today we went out to breakfast and spent 3 hrs doing indoor rock climbing. Tonight we are going out to Mad Pizza in Bondi.

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Holidays – Melbourne and Hawaii

June 7th, 2014 by Trent

A few weeks ago – we had some exciting times – Booba and Pappa took Liam and Demi for 3 days to Melbourne to visit for Max’s 5th Birthday party. They had a great time. It was the first visit for Demi too. At the same time Trent and I went to Hawaii!!! We spent 8 amazing nights based in Wakiki. After Melbourne, Zaida moved in and looked after Liam and Demi for the week as they were at school.

We stayed on the lagoon – next door to The Modern – where we stayed last year. We hired a car for the whole time and drove every day around the island. We used trip advisor for recommendations and reviews and google maps to navigate.

Some of the things we did:
Wonderful beaches
Look outs
Memorial Day Lantern Ceremony on Alamoana Beach
Food trucks and amazing restaurants
Shopping (LOTS)
Eating (LOTS) Town, Cheesecake, Morimoto, Cactus, Hula Grill, Lenards Bakery, Rainbow Drive in to name a few
Farmers market
Wholefoods supermarket (three visits – eat lunch there too!)
Stand up paddle boarding on the lagoon
Hiking up Diamond Head
Chinatown and lots more.

We spoilt the kids with lots of great clothes and some toys. We went to the outlets and main shopping centres. The weather was a little rainy but always about 28c everyday. We skyped everyday for a few minutes and it worked out well – although this time the kids were a little harder work for the grandparents!

We really, really loved it and hope to go back with the kids next time (although we loved it without them too!).

Ahola and Mahola 🙂

















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