End of year download

December 10th, 2014 by Trent

The year is coming to an end so I thought I should quickly write down some things that have happened!

Demi finishes Kindy with Ms Howlett
Liam finishes Year 1 with Ms Trevor

Both of them are writing beautifully, Liam is a great speller too! They have both got 5 green awards to get a gold award.

Kids graded in karate – Liam Blue belt yellow tip and Demi Orange belt with a blue tip.

They did a fabulous music concert (2nd one) from the Keyboard, drama classes they do with Ms Bartholumew on Monday mornings. Demi sand Shoe fly dont bother me, Liam we will rock you and both did a keyboard song.

Since my October post mentioned the following was coming up:
Kinkoppal Rose Bay Swim school has been a great move, learning lots and kids love it
Keren and Will got married and she is now 33 weeks pregnant! (due end Jan)
I am hosting her baby shower this Sunday afternoon (we were meant to host the wedding here but bad weather moved it to her cousins)
Shabbat Project was insanely tiring on the day – 2 500 women baked challah together – amazing experience and special to be apart of it.
My school reunion was nice – got lots of great comments on how good I looked! Unfortunately that many people turned up but everyone was nice.
Halloween was once again a great success. Trent dressed up the house like crazy and we have some friends over for BBQ and then went out to do some trick or treating. We watch Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory after 🙂
We have been trying to do a Friday night Family Movie night – we have watched a few movies together which has been nice – often we are all too tired though!
Liam got orthotics for both feet – they are inner soles he wears in his school shoes and sports shoes.
Kids have had lots of great birthday parties and one or two sleepovers.
We are still doing pasta jar for now but two separate ones!

We go to Bali this Monday for 3 weeks! A few weeks ago we got confirmation that we are renting out our place to a family from the UK staying till Jan 6. We are going to Club Med, a Seminyak villa and the Marriott Resort – cant wait!

Looking forward to our holidays!

See you in 2015 xxx













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Then and Now

December 10th, 2014 by Trent

This is a photo of Demi and Liam at the beginning of school and the end! Kindy and Year 1….



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