Back to school Yr 1 and Yr 2

January 30th, 2015 by Trent

The rest of the school holidays in Sydney were nice. The kids did a few camps, had days with me and some with Booba.

They got a haircut the day before school went back and started back at their new swim school.

Demi is now in Yr 1 with Ms Petifer and Liam is in Yr 2 with Ms Cawdarlic. From what I hear they are very good teachers 🙂 They have some friends from previous classes but I am also looking forward to them making new friends.

A new addition to our backyard is this great outdoor couch – we love chillaxing on it!

On Australia Day, we had a great family BBQ lunch and had a surprise visit from Aunty Keren, Uncle Will and baby Jayla – I just realised that I hadnt mentioned Keren had baby Jayla premmie at 35 weeks when I was in Bali. They came to show mum and she was sooo happy and got a bit teary too.






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New Year fireworks in Bali

January 30th, 2015 by Trent

We rented out our place on airbnb for the 2nd time and enjoyed a 3 week holiday in Bali!! We all LOVED it!

We first went to Club Med, then Seminyak villas and then the Marriott Hotel in Nusa Dua.

Each place was great! The kids had a ball in Club Med – buffets, kids club, swimming, trapeze and show every night. Demi even got a “boyfriend” called Kevy – a 19 yr old GO from Jarkata studing French Literature at Uni. At one point she had him feeding her at the buffet dinner!

At the Marriott Hotel, after a lovely dinner, we stayed up till midnight to see some great fireworks on the beach.

Demi got her hair plaited twice and kept for weeks after we got back. We enjoyed eating at some amazing restaurants had massages and swam nearly everyday. We went to a Sport Club in Canguu where the kids did Bounce and then we all went to the Waterpark followed by some family bowling too!

Here are some holiday highlights:









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