March 15th, 2015 by Trent

“That is so epic!” is the word that is popular with the kids at the moment!

A quick update as we are now well into Term 1 and will be starting an early Easter break soon.

Jordan took some great family photos at a small beach in Vaucluse (near Vaucluse house). They will replace the kids baby photos we have next to the dining table.

Trent and I went to Billabong Retreat in Dural without the kids the 2 nights in Feb. It was the 2nd time there for me and this time it focused on meditation and mindfulness. We also did one yoga class but learnt to do a lot of meditation. I now do about 10 minutes of meditation every morning.

Demi was very cute the other night she told me very seriously she heard a noise in her room when she was trying to fall asleep and she came and told me – “it must of be one of the fairies checking to see if I had a tooth in my container”.

Kids have now changed from Thursday afternoon Jems to BJE Emet on a Tuesday and Thursday morning before school starts. Demi seems to LOVE it and Liam says it is OK- stay tuned. It is nice to have Thursday afternoons back!

The kids rooms have also changed quite a bit as they both now have IKEA white desks. They are enjoying them a lot! Much easier for them to their homework their now.

Liam recently got his training wheels off and is reasonably comfortable riding solo. He doesn’t seem to LOVE going for a ride though and doesnt like the idea that Demi wants her training wheels off for her birthday!!!

Liam started AusKicks on Monday at trumper park in paddington for the East Sydney Bulldogs. He will then start to play games on the weekend too. At the same time, Demi sees her spalding tutor Janie also in paddington on a Monday after school. She is doing very well and her writing is looking good too.

I am going to 4 days a week starting this week as my project gets very busy and needs to be launched end of Aug as an exhibition. Stay tuned for that too!











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Demi turns 6

March 14th, 2015 by Trent


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