This year has been a blur!

November 3rd, 2015 by Trent

It has been a while because I was caught up working crazy hours for a project I did for Waverley Council called Eat, Pray, Naches:Jewish Community Stories. It is about documenting post-War jewish immigrants and their families that settled in the local area. The website is

It was definitely a labour of love and I have never worked that hard in my entire life!! I worked from 3 days a week to 7 days a week – often 14 hour days but it was worth the immense amount of time. I produced a travelling exhibition, amazing interactive and educational website and lots of public programs. The exhibition will now travel to other community groups. I also travelled recently to Perth to present at the Biannual National Oral History Conference too.

During this busy time, Trent and I have been organising a very special family adventure – 2016 will be spent in Bali!

We broke the exciting news to the kids at the end of June and they were very happy!

In early August, Trent went to Bali to check out some of the schools and villas.

We have settled on the Australian International School located in Seminyak. We have a villa for the first 5 weeks and then hope to find a nice place near the school. We leave on the 5th January 2016!

We have just finished Halloween for another year and today was the first day the house was open for inspection – lots of cleaning and decluttering – selling kids bikes etc

Fingers crossed it all goes well and we get the weekly rental price we are asking for. Then next will be selling the family car!

The kids are doing well in Term 4. Cant believe we are in week 5 already! 5 weeks to go and the year is over! Liam enjoyed two weeks of swim school and Demi loves her teacher. In fact, today she gave her teacher a gorgeous thank you card.

I can now work 2 days a week and have a much better work life balance – for example today I got to volunteer for Demi’s reading class and for the last 2 weeks I am going to a new gym (F45) and doing yoga twice a week 🙂

So it is now 9 weeks till we go to Bali!

Wish us luck!

News flash – Demi just lost her 4th tooth! She was super excited and write a lovely card to the tooth fairy this evening. I believe she exchanged her tooth for $4.

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