24 days….

December 11th, 2015 by Trent

…..until we leave Australia and travel to Bali to have a year adventure!!! It is now so close! We have rented out our house, sold the car and the kids finish school next Wednesday. We are selling bits and pieces on Facebook mainly and giving lots of things to charity too.

We have a bali specific blog called www.ouryearinbali.com so that is where all the posts will be in 2016.

It is still very hard to believe that we are doing this! I finish up work on the 23rd December. It will be sad as I have been there for nearly 4 years and have gone through so much but very excited to be spending more time with the kids and their new Australian International school. This year time management and work/life balance was not existent whatsoever!!!

Tomorrow we are having a going away picnic with friends at Centennial Park. I remember talking about this 6 months ago and now it is tomorrow!!!

We will be here for both our mum’s birthday and New Year and then we fly off early Jan so not sure when the next entry will be and if I will be writing it from Bali – I guess so!

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