Kisses and Cuddles

July 21st, 2011 by Trent

Kisses and cuddles makes everything right – both Liam and Demi (who copied Liam’s idea) ask for a “Kiss and cuddle” when mum drops them off to kindy/child care and at night time before bed 🙂

Recently, we took the kids to the Play School concert which was lots of fun and Liam and I will go to the DORA show in September and we hope to all go to the Wiggles birthday concert in December.

Liam did a soccer trial class to see if he liked it for Term 3 and it went very well. We started our first class of term 3 and he told us his coach says the funny saying “Cowabunga Dude!” – which he now loves to say too.

Demi and I have been going to the emanuel playgroup on a Friday morning which has been nice. We also tried a jumping jellybeans gym class which she loved and we will look at doing some more gym hopefully together every Friday together.

Liam’s swimming lessons are going very well with his teacher Ben and now the private classes will be shared with another boy starting this Sunday. Hopefully it won’t slow down any of the great improvements we have been making.

Now for a a winter school holiday 2 week report we just survived:
The weather was very cold but a least it didnt rain and this is a summary of what Liam got up to (and he really grew up in those 2 weeks too!)

Liam did his first proper sleepover at his best friend Ollie’s house in North Bondi – he did very well, slept through the night, Ollie’s parents said he was great and I picked him the next morning at 9:15am 🙂

We took a bus and then train to visit Dad at his office on George St in the city, and we enjoyed some lunch at sushi train and had a boost juice too!

Liam did a half day of Playball, 9 -3 at Macabi Tennis (he is still puzzled as to why they didnt put beds out for a nap on the court!), Bushranger Club morning at Centennial Park, lots of playdates, Go Seek show, craft making from the wombat stew book at Bondi Pavillion, cooking class with booba (which was also featured on channel 10 news), Morning and afternoon teas with friends and family, First dentist apt with dentist “Anna” which went very well – she said his teeth and gums are healthy and she counted his 20 teeth!
and finally Zoo with mum, we saw the kids farm area, went on the kids train, sky safari and got 2 animals from the gift shop.

Hard to believe that Liam has been at the Emanuel Preschool for 2 terms. Trent and I went for our first parent/teacher interview and he got good report card!

Liam’s teachers were so proud of how much they have seen Liam grown over the holidays – colouring –in, writing his name, general play etc
He also has been twice with the drop off/sticker ladies to class in the morning which is huge!

Liam LOVES colouring-in ALL the time – he has started to change his style and has sooo much time and patience and enthusiasm for all of his drawings.

We are still library goers all the time to keep up with the minimum of 5 books per night mum reads to Liam (mum’s sanity and Liam loves new books too)

Demi is great at kindy (still 2 days) – teachers love her, she loves her food and places nicely, listens very well and never cries, very settled.

She is soooo fiercely indepdent and loves to do everything herself – she suprises us all the time, loves helping out doing the washing, emptying the dishwasher and now setting the table, even telling mum that we forgot the placemats first.
She carries the cereal to the table and gets the cutlery and sets it all out very well. (she eats a little of Liam’s cornflakes on the way to putting it on the table for him!)

Demi’s vocab is great too! Her serious conversations with you are so cute and her personality is soooo lovable!!!!

One thing that drives mum and dad nuts is Demi always plays with her hair when she sleeps in the cot – so at anytime when her hair elastic comes out of her hair she cries out for us to put it back – this often happens at 2am!!!
However, that said tonight (21st July) after she got her hair washed and blow dried she went to bed without her hair elastic…..time will tell..fingers crossed.

Other updates:
Mum – wisdom teeth out – great recovery, 2 days and then all was good.
Mum – every weekend long distance running when kids are doing their day sleep. Achieved the distance of 21.6km (half-marathon) on Sat 2nd July.
Dad – going to the gym 5-6 morning’s a week, lost approx 14kg!

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