Rain, Hail or Shine

April 26th, 2015 by Trent

Over the last week Sydney has seen some crazy weather!
Record weather that hasnt been that bad in 10 years. Storms, winds and rain like you have never see before!
Yesterday was an example of crazy weather! I took the kids the bike track in the morning. It was so hot I wore a tshrt and jeans. Demi actually got sunburnt on her chest – sunglasses and all!

At about 5pm all changed! A storm came, then rain and then HAIL, so much HAIL it went on for about 20 minutes non stop!
The kids were a bit frightened and Demi screamed!

After it was all over we actually enjoyed the crazy wonderland our backyard had changed into. It looked like snow and the kids had a ball! There was ice everywhere! They jumped on the trampoline which was covered in ice too!
A very memorable evening….


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