Tummy and Teeth

January 24th, 2008 by Trent

This week I have surprised my parents with more teeth and lying on my tummy to sleep. You can now clearly see my top teeth! Soon I will have some funny photos with 4 teeth showing (2 top and 2 bottom).


I am not usually a great fan of being on my tummy but I have started liking to sleep in my cot on my tummy. Dad often finds me rolled over on my tummy in the mornings and even during the day I like to switch it around a bit. Hopefully that will mean I will start to surprise everyone and crawl….I am happy sitting on my own but havent figured out the crawling thing yet! An update will come 🙂

This week I have also tried Beef/Veggies and Chicken/Veggies. Both are yummy! Who knows what will be next!

On Tuesday I had 2 chicks, Cassia and Lucia come over to my place to play! Lucky me I know!



On Wednesday we had mum’s group so I hung out with Liam, Ollie, Tash and Olivia. On Thursday I went over to Simone and Liam P’s house for lunch. (I know I get confused myself). We were being typical boys but Simone did say I was a tidy eater! I think our mum’s have decided to call us by our middle names – Edward (Liam P) and Harry! It sounds like two Royal boys 🙂


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