It’s a swinging kind of day

May 9th, 2008 by Trent

It has been a week full of swings! Bondi Playground a few times, Lynne Park Playground a few times, at my Oma’s place and at my friend Sienna’s house! As you can see I love going on the swings!

liam-on-the-swings-bondi-playground.jpg liam-and-cassia-at-bondi-playground-swings.jpg

Apart from having fun on the swings, I also love my babycino’s too! I am a regular at Espresso on Dover.

BIG NEWS this week (no, still not crawling!!!) is I have another tooth to add to the great teeth collection so far!! For about a week now I have had another tooth at the bottom next to the other two (right). You can just make it out in the photo below.


We are celebrating our first Mother’s Day together this Sunday!! I wonder what Dad and I have bought my fabulous mum???!!! I will give you a nice report next week!


This week has been full of sunshine (yeah!) but a little chilly some mornings so I got to try out Booba Lena’s Knit Cardigan with hood that she knitted for me. Thank you!!

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It is definitely Birthday season and last Sunday I went to Dylan’s 2nd Birthday and this Saturday we are going to Sienna’s 1st Birthday. I know mum and dad are busy organising my 1st B’day Party which is in 4 weeks too!

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