May 17th, 2008 by Trent

On Saturday I went to my friend Sienna’s 1st Birthday party! It was lots of fun, it was at her house so I got to play with all her great toys! She also had a cool cupcake birthday cake.


On Sunday we celebrated Mother’s Day with a 4km fundraising walk around the Domain to raise money for Breast Cancer Research. We were part of a group of 150 (Betty’s Bosum Buddies) that joined thousands of other people! The morning walk was during my sleep time but I decided not to sleep in my pram and check out all the enthusiastic walkers and great harbour scenery. Afterwards, we had brunch at Tropicana Cafe and then I finally went to sleep at 12:30! When I woke up we had a lovely afternoon tea with both my grandparents – lucky me!

Dad and I bought mum a book called “The Mighty Toddler” (not sure what mum is going to read about me!) and a cute mother’s day pamper pack with slippers, hot bottle etc.

On Monday morning I decided to technically MOVE at little around my room – bum shuffle and make lots of noises! Mum and Booba Lena watched me and thought it was hysterical! I have done a little more moving with some motivation of moving to play with my favourite toys but nothing to get too excited about as yet!

Swimming is getting even more advanced with being under water for longer (4 secs) and I had to stand up on the wall and fall into the water like Humpty Dumpty this week!

Mum weighed and measured me yesterday and I am on the larger side of the spectrum! Approx 13kg and 81cm tall!!! Maybe I will be wanted on the basketball team 🙂


My very favourite words this week is “ta” and “da” – I cant stop saying it! Now I know when I am handed food I say “ta”.

I am into clapping my hands ALOT now and I have learnt to give hi-5’s 🙂

On Thursday we went to visit Oma and had another great picnic! Thanks for more good weather this week!


On Friday after mother’s group we went to visit Zada at his work and we played together and he gave me my bottle.


I love posing and laughing at myself in the mirror – check out these shots mum took of me!


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