Bookworm does the Bum Shuffle

May 30th, 2008 by Trent

I LOVE books and being read to by my family everyday 🙂 I am great at turning the pages. At the moment I love cat pictures and I giggle at other animals too.


I have been doing a little more bum shuffling this week (sometimes at odd moments!) but I couldn’t say it is definitely going to be my preferred method of transport, so stay tuned!

Now that I have mastered the “Hi 5”, I am really enjoying waving hello and goodbye and say “Da” for “bye”.

I have had lots of great play dates and I have had fun riding my bike.

liam-noa-and-jasper.jpg liam-and-tali.jpgliam-and-cassia.jpg


I enjoyed popping the bubbles at play n move and I went deep diving (oops) at swimming! This week I was in the same class as my mermaid girlfriend Cassia.


My Zada cracks me up most weeks and I couldn’t stop laughing the other night before bed! (Don’t worry I go by the motto on my top!)


Mum dressed me in Booba Lena’s Jumper this morning to take the chill out of our morning walk 🙂 It was nice a warm – thanks Booba Lena.


I went to Zada’s work today to help out with the phones as his colleague called in sick.


1st Birthday countdown is now at 8 days!!!!!!!!!! Yippee!


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