14 months old today and on the move!

August 13th, 2008 by Trent

Let’s start by reminiscing about me in the hospital!


Check out how much I have grown since the day I was born 14 months ago!


****NEWS FLASH!!!!!***** I am officially crawling and standing in my cot! Oh Yeah! For nearly 2 weeks now I decided I would crawl for my toys! I am also starting to pull up to stand. Mum got a great shock when she saw me move! Zada also organised a really nice big carpet rug that covers my whole room so I think that helped me not slip and slide on our floorboards for my first crawl. I am now obsessed with standing in my cot and do so every time I “go to sleep” 🙂


Mum and Dad bought me my first pair of Uggboots! Here I am modeling them on my bike- rugged up with a scarf too for the chilly morning air!


I got to see Tizzy and Aunty Keren at an event at Fox Studios the other week. I didn’t get to see a Go Seek Show (can’t wait) but I had fun making music and playing dress ups.


I had a lovely picnic with a few of my mates in our backyard the other day and my mate Jasper came over. I also love to do funny poses.


Last weekend, my girlfriend Cassia came over for lunch. I was a gentleman and offered her my highchair!


On Sunday we went for Yum Cha at North Ryde RSL where there is also an indoor bird sanctuary. It was pretty cool watching all the different birds and I practiced standing up too 🙂


As you know I am a BIG BOOKWORM and I always love listening to stories and turning the pages.

I CRAWLED from the kitchen to one of my many Book Holders in the lounge room and decided to check a few of my favourite books.


I can also be a little silly at times and for example the other day I decided to laugh for ages while I still had a biscuit in my mouth -Gross, I know – but I am a boy and don’t have to be ladylike!


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