16 months!

October 6th, 2008 by Trent

Apart from being sick this past week (on antibiotics) I have been up to a lot of fun things.

Some mornings it has been cuddles in bed with mum (forgive mum’s morning hairdo!!).


I tried my first piece of Pizza and even some gelati (thumbs up!) on Saturday night when we went out to an Italian restaurant with my mate Jasper (and his mum and dad). He also cracks me up too!

first-piece-of-pizza.jpg jasper-you-are-soo-funny.jpg

We have had a few hot days lately (Friday it was 36c!) so I have spent a lot of time in singlets and nappies. My hair has also become a little lighter and it has the cute wave to it too!


Mum had her girly magazines on the coffee table so I took the opportunity to do some reading about the latest gossip!


Believe it or not while I was sick the past week I lost my appetite and I didn’t each much at all! So mum tried to spice things up and we had a picnic dinner in the backyard on Friday night. I was more interested in checking out the birds though! Sorry mum!


I am still a HUGE Dora fan and instead of sitting on my couch I love to watch the action up close!

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Cassia came over the other day for a play with her younger sister Jasmine and I shared my toys very well including this cracker she has in her hand!


I now have ALL my teeth apart from my 18 +month molars!!!! So I have a beautiful pearly white smile 🙂

Till next time xxx


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