Pirates, Puzzles and my Piano

October 27th, 2008 by Trent

There is sooo much to tell you since I last wrote!! Where do I begin?? Ummm well I have graduated to ONE sleep a day now! So I go to sleep at 12ish till approx 2ish. This changes all the fun activities I can do – so much more time!! Speaking of time, mum’s job was just made redundant!!! It is all good and now she is back to being full-time with me!

Last Thursday when we went to visit Oma and I ended up getting a painting lesson 🙂 Oma paints three times a week and I watched her paint her next master piece!


When it is nice weather we also have fun sitting outside on the grass at Oma’s and watch the birds and ducks too!


Everyday about five times a day I play my piano! I don’t get sick of dancing and pressing the buttons to the same music over and over again!


I love checking myself out in the mirror and I always give myself a morning wave and smile.


A few Sundays ago, mum, dad and I went to Mum’s Mega School Reunion BBQ at Paddington Bowling Club. I got to watch my first Go Seek Show!!! The Go Seek show (which used to Star mum and Aunty Keren exclusively) has two cool characters – Tizzy and Pirate Gruff.

The show was great and I also played with a hoola hoop.

tizzy-and-gruf-show.jpg liam-watching-the-go-seek-show3.jpgliam-playing-with-the-hoola-hoop2.jpgliam-playing-with-the-hoola-hoop.jpg

The reunion had really nice weather and and I had fun playing with mum’s sunglasses too.


Food glorious food! Well want can I say – I love vegemite on toast (as you can see) and I tend to “shove” my food into my mouth in one whole shot! I get upset when people tell me to not be a piggy though!


I have a few puzzles in my collection and I can get quite vocal when solving the puzzle and working out where all the different pieces fit!


The other day I hung out with Jasper at his place – we played with all his cool toys and then chilled out watching Baby E!


As you know I love reading books and I now can read on my new table and chairs set – check this out!


Mum and dad bought me this fun sandpit to play with in the backyard! Today was the first time I tried it out – I quite liked it. I ate a bit of sand, put my face in the sand – basically gave it a good test drive!

sandpit-action.jpg liam-up-close-in-sandpit2.jpgliam-up-close-in-sandpit.jpglooking-at-mum-go-seek-character-on-the-mug.jpg

Bath time is always one of the best parts of my day and my favourite song mum and dad sing to me in bath is – “Five Little Ducks”. I have sooo many ducks in bath I think there are actually eight in total!


Ciao for now – love Liam xxx

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