Happy Birthday to dad!

February 1st, 2009 by Trent

What a HUGE week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I recently went to visit my great grandfather Pa and I gave him a big kiss.


On Saturday I got my 3rd Haircut and I was soooooo well behaved it was amazing!! I loved sitting in the car and steering while my hair got cut very short.


Mum and dad also bought me a ceiling fan for my room. It has been SO hot (about 28c in my room at night) that the fan is fantastic!


On Monday (Australia Day) we bought my first BED from treehouse! We get it delivered next Tuesday and it will go in my new room J For now I will enjoy checking it out and soon enough I will have no cot and sleep in it permanently. My new room is nearly finished just adding my new bed and wall decorations. Check out photos of my new play room.


We went for brunch at Booba Lena and Papa George’s house to watch the ferry race for Australia day. There were so many boats! What a great view.

On Tuesday I started child care and although I wasn’t happy that mum left me – I did so well! On my first day I didn’t eat lunch or afternoon tea but I slept just over 1 hr and was happy the rest of the day.

Then on Wednesday I decided to watch the others eat lunch and then I ate afternoon tea – 4 gingerbreads! I also fell asleep in less than 10 mins and with NO DUMMY! (They forgot to give to me in fact!).

So mum and dad decided I didn’t need a dummy anymore for when I go to sleep! A little weird for me after having for so long but I got used to the idea very quickly! First night I cried for 12 mins and that was it! The next day 5 mins for my lunch sleep and 10 mins for my night sleep and then the following day nothing!!!!!!!!! As you can imagine mum and dad are VERY proud.


Friday – dad’s 31st birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Happy Birthday dad! Mum and I got him so cool presents too. I loved the party hat mum wore this morning when we sang Happy Birthday. We are going to have a nice afternoon tea with friends tomorrow which will be great.

I also started private swimming lessons today with my new teacher Annie. I have been in bub’s club for a year so we have now moved to 15 min private lessons. It will take a few lessons to get used to the idea that mum or dad aren’t coming in the water with me.

I am also WALKING a lot more – I am getting more confidence everyday – I used to love walking steps between mum and dad now I walk from toy to toy, or around the playground, garden etc The other day I walked with a toy in each hand to Oma. I am walking longer distances independently so we will see what it becomes a permanent thing!

I am also VERY good a flash cards! Although I can’t say the actual word (my babble is great, I say what the word is very convincingly although you can understand it!), I can point and give you every card when asked J i.e. the picture of leaves, cookies, apples, shoes, teddy bears, fish etc etc

I am always very expressive and I chat in lots of babble. There have been a couple of words here and there – No (my favourite and in a cute French accent), Oooo (especially when I see my babycino arrive), Weee (excited) , Car. Park, me and hello. There are a few words I say but once off so far – boat, ball, dog etc I do nod my head and say no or shake my head vigorously to communicate.


Now that we have started the month of February I can say next month I will get to meet my beautiful baby sister! WOW!


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