Let’s go walking!

February 10th, 2009 by Trent

Liam has improved soooo much in his walking this week! Well everyday he gets better and better – it is so nice to watch the changes!

He now loves to walk nearly all the time and he can start walking from a sitting position and doesnt need to hold on to furniture anymore. His walk has also changed from the hands up/Charlie Chaplin style to hands down most of the time with better balance 🙂

He really showed a huge change last Tuesday afternoon (3rd Feb) when he was picked up from child care and after only having a 30 minute sleep there he nearly walked non-stop for 2 hrs around Lyne Park playground!


Speaking of child care – Liam is doing so well! Today was a breakthrough (Tues 10th Feb) – he ate lunch for the first time and was one of the first to fall asleep with no dummy of course. Then when mum came to pick him up he walked over and gave a nice big happy hug and then was showing off walking around the room talking and smiling. Only the drop off in the morning isn’t pleasant when Liam gets upset 🙁


Liam goes to sleep beautifully and without a sound – dummy days are well and truly over! Yeah – now we will start again when his baby sister enters the world. Exactly today 5 weeks time mum is scheduled for a c-section – so soon!

We started Einsteinz music class at Bondi Pavillion and we love the drumming and songs.


Mum has now decorated the orange feature wall with planes, helicopters, hot-air balloons, clouds etc and the new bed has been put together. Liam loves playing on the BIG boy bed and story time before sleep is great fun on the bed with mum and dad. The love of books is fantastic to see and there is a upcoming library book sale that mum and dad HAVE to check out! There is also a perfect blank wall in Liam’s new room for Oma to create some new artworks! Very exciting – stay tuned for some cool paintings.


More teeth this week – “could there be anymore?!!” people say – But yes more Molars! Another 2 came through (6/8) so only another 2 left ..i think!



There is always lots of babble and excitement from Liam but the distinct words this week that are definitely repeated are Zada (his grandfather), car, park, Moo (says the cow), boo (playing hide n seek) me (as he looks at himself in the mirror of course!) and lots of NO!

We also blow kisses now – in our special way (hand to mouth etc) -we know what we are doing 🙂


Liam LOVES getting horsey rides with his Zada!



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