School is cool

February 22nd, 2009 by Trent

Yes I know I am a little to young for school but that is one my new favourite words and then it is easy to say cool when you can say school!

Well the walking is getting better every day as Liam gets more confident – his arms are down by his side and he walks carry things too. Very exciting to watch! He LOVES the new independence he has too. Soon he will be running and then what?!!!

He now blows kisses (Liam style – looks a little Italian) when asked and is happy to blow a kiss and wave goodbye to his teachers at child care too – the pick-ups are great as he walks around and shows off not desperate to leave at all. Currently, he cries at the drop-off but after reading his favourite book the great staff assure me he is content. The centre takes digital photos every day and they caught this great smile the other day and Liam in action- thanks!


He has started to make more of an effort feeding himself (although he his happy for us to still do it!) but loves showing off his spoon skills and says “UUUMMM” every time as he feeds himself each spoonful . Apparently he fed himself noodles for lunch at kindy (play centre as mum calls it) the other day. He also watches the other kids do it and I am sure this makes him want to do it even more! Liam ate his schnitzel at Booba Lena and Pappa George’s with a fork too for dinner the other night.


There are more words in Liam’s expanding vocabulary some are constant and consistent and some aren’t. The more regular daily ones are egg, cheese, cot, keys, here, book, me, two (when asked what comes after one – or when we count together!) and school/cool (ha!), toot toot (for the sound of a train) and baa (sound of a sheep). Every other animal says “Moo!”

Liam LOVES his new big single bed although we can’t report a sleep in it as yet, he loves to climb up on it, play around and read his many books. Mum also bought a cute Zebra to cuddle from the Build-a-Bear workshop and called it Zippy.

Another new Liam trick now is being able to open door handles! Scary! So now we have to make sure doors or gates are locked as we can WALK out!


Mum had a 34+ week ultrasound the other day which went very well – baby sister looks great and healthy – after looking at some of her body measurements they did a a rough gestimate of the approx weight of 2.3kg (on the petite but healthy side). The radiographer said she could see fat rolls!! 3 weeks to go on Tuesday! Liam loves kissing his “baby” in mum’s tummy too – sure it will be a shock when she actually arrives! At least she has wrapped up some nice, fun presents for me!

The last week the weather has been mostly wet but when it dries we are enjoying the park. We have also had some nice play dates, music class and this week went to Adele’s Action kids too.

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