New Year fireworks in Bali

January 30th, 2015 by Trent

We rented out our place on airbnb for the 2nd time and enjoyed a 3 week holiday in Bali!! We all LOVED it!

We first went to Club Med, then Seminyak villas and then the Marriott Hotel in Nusa Dua.

Each place was great! The kids had a ball in Club Med – buffets, kids club, swimming, trapeze and show every night. Demi even got a “boyfriend” called Kevy – a 19 yr old GO from Jarkata studing French Literature at Uni. At one point she had him feeding her at the buffet dinner!

At the Marriott Hotel, after a lovely dinner, we stayed up till midnight to see some great fireworks on the beach.

Demi got her hair plaited twice and kept for weeks after we got back. We enjoyed eating at some amazing restaurants had massages and swam nearly everyday. We went to a Sport Club in Canguu where the kids did Bounce and then we all went to the Waterpark followed by some family bowling too!

Here are some holiday highlights:









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End of year download

December 10th, 2014 by Trent

The year is coming to an end so I thought I should quickly write down some things that have happened!

Demi finishes Kindy with Ms Howlett
Liam finishes Year 1 with Ms Trevor

Both of them are writing beautifully, Liam is a great speller too! They have both got 5 green awards to get a gold award.

Kids graded in karate – Liam Blue belt yellow tip and Demi Orange belt with a blue tip.

They did a fabulous music concert (2nd one) from the Keyboard, drama classes they do with Ms Bartholumew on Monday mornings. Demi sand Shoe fly dont bother me, Liam we will rock you and both did a keyboard song.

Since my October post mentioned the following was coming up:
Kinkoppal Rose Bay Swim school has been a great move, learning lots and kids love it
Keren and Will got married and she is now 33 weeks pregnant! (due end Jan)
I am hosting her baby shower this Sunday afternoon (we were meant to host the wedding here but bad weather moved it to her cousins)
Shabbat Project was insanely tiring on the day – 2 500 women baked challah together – amazing experience and special to be apart of it.
My school reunion was nice – got lots of great comments on how good I looked! Unfortunately that many people turned up but everyone was nice.
Halloween was once again a great success. Trent dressed up the house like crazy and we have some friends over for BBQ and then went out to do some trick or treating. We watch Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory after 🙂
We have been trying to do a Friday night Family Movie night – we have watched a few movies together which has been nice – often we are all too tired though!
Liam got orthotics for both feet – they are inner soles he wears in his school shoes and sports shoes.
Kids have had lots of great birthday parties and one or two sleepovers.
We are still doing pasta jar for now but two separate ones!

We go to Bali this Monday for 3 weeks! A few weeks ago we got confirmation that we are renting out our place to a family from the UK staying till Jan 6. We are going to Club Med, a Seminyak villa and the Marriott Resort – cant wait!

Looking forward to our holidays!

See you in 2015 xxx













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Then and Now

December 10th, 2014 by Trent

This is a photo of Demi and Liam at the beginning of school and the end! Kindy and Year 1….



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Spring 2014

September 28th, 2014 by Trent

AFL is over for another year – it has been great Liam really getting into it – the most he has ever loved something and what a year for his team Sydney Swans too! Liam loved playing Auskicks and the Sydney Swans got into the Grand Final but lost to Hawthorn. He took it very well and everyday loves to kick his footie around and talk about it all the time.

Term 3 is now over and we are on Spring school holidays. So far it has been nice weather most of the time and the kids had a real treat the other night when after I read a bedtime story in our bed they actually asked to sleep the whole night and Trent and I agreed for first time ever!!!! Very special – we figured it was school holidays and they had nothing on the next day. So I slept in between Liam and Demi and Trent slept half on the couch and half in Demi’s bed. The kids were over the moon! Though Trent and I didnt get much sleep!

Demi is really enjoying her Wednesday afternoon tutoring with Janie who teaches her the Spawdling technique. It is making her handwriting beautiful and her reading is going great! We all LOVE Janie!!!! Demi has now got 3 green awards and one is for her beautiful hand writing 😉

We have finished our swimming years at Goodridge Swim school and will start swimming at Kinkoppal Rose Bay Swim School on Tuesday afternoon’s. We did an assessment and the kids loved the new pool and are excited to start in Term 4.

At the moment Zaida is in israel (first time and he is 72yrs old!) on holidays with a friend for 5.5 weeks! He has been skyping us every week and taking lots of photos. Swims in the dead sea, yad vashem, Jersualem, Jaffa, Masada, sightseeing and kibbutz life are some of the great things we here about.

Booba and Papa are also overseas at the moment and are cruising around Greece and touring Sicily. They also skype and send pics that look they are having a great time too.

We have successfully finished a “pasta jar” reward system where Liam and Demi got to put in a number of pastas for good behaviour (and some were also taken out!). They worked as a team and as a result they decided they want to go to the Zoo when they reach the top. They did and we will take them to the Zoo in a few weeks. It looks like we will start the jar again soon.

Demi got a great haircut from Aunty Keren and she loves it. Today Liam and I went to the bike track and I was determined that since his training wheels are now off we were going to learn how to ride. We successfully did it on the grass and I just hold him to take off and then he is fine pedalling on his own. Great achievement! We both were very happy and we now know there is a bit more practicing to do but we have made a big step forward.

Liam has a lovely habit at the moment where he randomly says “I love you mummy” to me everyday – very sweet! Demi always is very affectionate and wants hugs all the time 🙂 Some of my nicknames are popski’s, poopalar, schnookie tookie, cookie bookie…

It is amazing the type of questions we are getting everyday – great thinkers and it also is great to hear when Demi asks “What’s Cordidal?” – and Liam said no thanks to the hairdresser who offered him a lollipop!

October is a busy month coming up – I have my 20 yr school reunion, the shabbat project challah bake (I am on the committee), Keren’s wedding at our house and Halloween at our house too. Yes, Keren is 6 months pregnant (having a girl in January) and is going to be marrying a lovely Cambridge guy called Will. They decided to have a low-key celebrant marry them with about 25 family/friends and our backyard was a great venue! It will be the 2nd time in 8 yrs and funny because it looks like we are hosting it for our best friends!

We are currently re-landscaping the backyard and have removed 90% of the trees/shrubs and will make it a lot more streamlined and open it up a lot more. It will be finished in time for the wedding! Also we have given away the BBQ and will be looking at getting a good webber soon – in time for the nice weather – looking forward to lots of BBQing.

OK that’s it for now. Here are some pics…till next time…








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Footy Footy Footy

June 29th, 2014 by Trent

photo 1

photo 2

photo 3

Footy is all we hear about from Liam everyday! He is obsessed and cant stop talking about it, watching it, playing with his footie cards, checking scores/replays and now playing it at Auskicks.

We have been told this is not a phase and once a fan always a fan!!!!

It has made us into a bit of a footie family and we love watching Sydney Swans games. He has become a Sydney Swans red rookie which gets him 3 free games a year and he have gone to four games in total.

The swans are equal 2nd on the ladder which makes it even more exciting!!!

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